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Workee users can form an LLC using Northwest for only $29 instead of $225

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This special partnership with TRUiC allows Workee users to form an LLC for only $29 instead of $225!

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Northwest Registered Agent provides transparent and quick LLC formation services in the US with over 800 phone based customer support agents and some of the lowest prices on the internet.

As a private tutor, coach, consultant, or other freelancer we highly recommend forming an LLC so you can write of several day-to-day expenses such as a portion of your rent, the cost of your electricity and internet and even your Workee monthly subscription! An LLC protects from you libel from your clients and ensures that your personal assets remain protected. You will also need an LLC if you ever decide to open a dedicated business bank account or acquire business insurance, hence we highly recommend forming a business entity to conduct your tutoring business.

We just negotiated a $29 package for all our users! This is a huge deal and essentially makes us the lowest cost LLC Formation service in the industry. You can say “Thanks to our special partnership with TRUIC, Workee users can form an LLC using Northwest for only $29 vs. $225.”

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Form an LLC using Northwest for only $29 vs. $225

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