Unveiling the Success Champion Program: September 2023

Welcome to Workee's Success Champion Program, where we celebrate excellence and dedication among our users. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the program, its purpose, and the outstanding individuals who have earned the title of Success Champion for September.

The Success Champion Program is about recognizing and rewarding our dedicated users who consistently go the extra mile to make client meetings on Workee a resounding success. We launched this program to honor their commitment and to encourage all Workee users to strive for excellence.

You might be wondering if the Success Champion Program is for you. The answer is simple: it's for everyone! Whether you're an experienced Workee user or just starting, this program is designed to motivate and reward your efforts.

Criteria to Become a Success Champion: To earn the title of Success Champion, you must actively use Workee for your meetings, engage your audience, and host successful sessions. Workee users with the most successful meetings or project orders will become Success Champions of the month.

The more successful meetings you host, the closer you become a Success Champion. It's that simple. We will not select the same Workee users as Success Champions for two consecutive challenges to give others a chance to shine.

Being a Success Champion comes with its own set of rewards. Each month, our top users will receive special recognition and enjoy a bonus of $50, which they can choose to receive as an Amazon gift card, a Starbucks gift card, or the opportunity to run a personalized social media promo campaign to boost their own Workee website - that’s on us.

Without further ado, here are our TOP 3 Success Champions of September:

Workee Sucess Champion Rebecca

Rebecca is an English tutor and language enthusiast from Reading, UK. She studied German and Spanish at university and learned Portuguese during the Covid lockdowns.

From teaching students how to tackle complex grammatical structures to improving conversational English/Spanish skills, Makayla aims to teach enthusiastically, calmly, and friendly.

  • Angi Boyle for the biggest one-time payment for recurring meetings.

Workee Success Champion Angi

Angi is an elementary school teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area who has supported her students (grades 3-6) in literacy, math, social studies, science, social-emotional learning, and social justice for the last 21 years.

A Toast to Future Champions

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all Workee users for participating in our community. Your dedication makes Workee thrive, and we look forward to celebrating your achievements in the future.

Rise to the challenge and aspire to become one of our Success Champions. We can't wait to see you shine!

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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