Workee Product updates: October 2021

Workee Big update is here! 

We've got a huge update for you guys, and it will blow you away. We're here to take the stress out of managing your workload and clients. With our new Workee features, we'll take care of all your accounting, invoicing, and taxes. That's not all - more updates are coming soon! So don't wait around - jump on board and give it a try now!

Accounting from Workee

One of the most important functionality coming to Workee! From now on we will take care of your accounting, invoicing and taxes!

  1. Finance page - here we will store all your financial transactions. 

  2. Simple invoicing templates - now you can create an invoice with our templates out of the box. Just add a service, description, price and recipient - your client will be able to pay your invoice online and you will get a payment to your account without any fee from Workee. 

  3. Taxes - set up your tax rate (Individual income tax), we will automatically calculate a tax payment from every transaction you are making at Workee.

Workee Accounting

New Sign-up and Sign-in

We have totally updated your sign-up and sign-in experience. Now it's even smoother - improved support of the flow from any device, added suggestions and recommendations on how to set-up a system during sign-up right on the way.

Workee Sign-up/in

Workee Onboarding 

We are presenting our brand-new Onboarding. Simple 7 steps with video and tax instructions will help more easily set up your business with Workee. Even more - complete all 7 steps and get a promo coupon for $10! 

We have also added additional tips from our users along your journey. Now you will find recommendations and suggestions about different features you can find on Workee.

Workee Onboarding

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make Workee the most reliable platform for professionals to run their freelance business, we are taking extra focus every day on improving your experience and eliminating bugs in the platform! 🚫 🦠 

Here's a quick rundown on some of the top fixes:

Personal website

Fixed: Button on a confirmation screen does not respond

Fixed: Time is not synced with the actual availability

Fixed: Competencies are not shown

Fixed: Wrong price and time slot duration

Fixed: Fix & improve website domain creation


Fixed: timeslots options now work correctly and updates are instant

Fixed: Timeslot price always resets to $50

 Fixed:Tabs Free time slot / Paid time slot works incorrect with reset button


Fixed: Can't edit a contact from Overview page

Fixed: When reschedule system shows not correct time


Fixed: Applying of coupons showing is not correct

Fixed: Overall speed of loading the pages is increased

Fixed: If post is Hero-Post it is not shown in the category AND add loader

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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