Our Major December product update is live!

Happy Holidays, Workees!

Our last major update for the year is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you. This December update is packed with exciting perks and new features designed to streamline your business operations and enhance your productivity. Let's dive into the exciting details!

Introducing the new Workee Plus plan

Running a personal business can be challenging, but we've got you covered with our new Workee Plus plan. This plan is all about offering you unlimited functionalities and customization at an unbeatable price, helping you tackle business challenges with ease.

Overcome business challenges with ease for Only $9.90/month or $90.00/year.

Main features of the Workee Plus Plan:

  • Competitive Pricing: Only $9.90/month or $90.00/year

  • Reduced Transaction Fees: Enjoy a low 2.5% fee on all Workee payments

  • Stylish Customization: More website styles, designs, and custom color options

  • No Limits: Unlimited Time Slots and Unlimited Projects

  • Tailored Scheduling: Advanced Availability Rules for better control

  • Direct Payments: Easily add your bank details for direct wire transfers

🎄 Special Christmas Offer: Enjoy 50% Off All Workee Plans!

Upgraded Website Builder!

Our upgraded website builder makes setting up and managing your account a breeze. In the new 'Settings' tab, you can configure Products, Video Calls, Payments, and SEO with your domain link - all in one convenient place!

How does it work?

  • Log in to your Workee account

  • Go to the 'Website' page

  • Access the new 'Settings' section to manage your business setup from Products to payments on one page.

More Intelligent Workee AI

Experience a more intelligent and efficient Workee AI, engineered to streamline your meeting preparations. Prepare for your meetings with ease, using new generation types - Lesson Plans, Exercises, Homework, and Quizzes.

Thanks to our invaluable Workee community, your feedback has been instrumental in significantly improving both the response quality and speed of our AI. This upgrade focuses on delivering you swift, faster assistance, perfectly tailored to meet your unique needs, all seamlessly integrated within your Workee experience.

How does it work?

  • Log in to your Workee account

  • Go to the 'Meetings' page or the 'Meeting Details' page

  • Click 'Generate with Workee AI' and select your desired lesson type - Lesson Plan, Exercises, Homework, Quiz!

  • Enjoy improved quality and fast response time for all AI-generated content

New Custom Video Calls option

Choose your favorite video conferencing tool for meetings with Workee's new Custom Video Calls feature. Whether you're a fan of Skype, a Microsoft Teams user, or prefer any other platform, this feature seamlessly integrates your choice into your Workee experience. It's an efficient way to personalize your virtual meeting space and streamline your scheduling process, all within the comfort of your Workee account.

How does it work?

  • Log in to your Workee account

  • Go to the 'Bookings' page and find the 'Video Calls' section

  • Add your preferred video call link (Skype, Microsoft Teams, or any other video call of your choice) using the 'Permanent Video Calls' option

  • Once that is done, whenever you schedule a meeting with Workee, or your Client books you for a meeting, Workee will use your provided link as a link to the meeting room automatically!

Send Direct Emails from the Clients Page

You can now send emails directly to your clients from the Clients page on Workee, eliminating the need to switch to external email services. You can compose and dispatch emails seamlessly. It's our way of making your client communication more efficient and integrated, all within the familiar space of your Workee account.

How does it work?

  • Log in to your Workee account

  • Head to the 'Clients' page and open a client’s profile

  • Click 'Send Mail' to compose and send emails directly through Workee

Meet an Updated Workee Space!

With the latest update to Workee Space, your profile will now be automatically included in Space once you have published a website, added time slots, and connected payments. Additionally, you have the option to hide your profile from Workee Space at any time! The Space view has also been enhanced with new filters and a Verified status for Workee users subscribed to the Plus or Pro plans.

How does it work?

  • Login to your Workee account

  • Go to Space and click on it

  • You will see an updated pop-up that allows you to control your visibility on Workee Space!

We hope new updates with Workee will make your experience better and business stronger! Happy Christmas and New Year from everyone at Workee! We have ambitious plans for next year and we are proud to have our users with us, see you soon! 🚀

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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