Workee and Coditum Partnership

We are excited to share that Workee has formed a partnership with Coditum, a virtual company dedicated to enhancing tech education for high school students. Their approach goes beyond teaching coding skills and aims to develop both technical proficiency and interpersonal skills.

Coditum's ultimate goal is to transform young students into skilled professionals who can thrive in the modern job market.

Are you a tutor and teacher at Coditum?

This special partnership automatically grants you exclusive access to Workee Pro plans.

Sign up for a Workee Pro and enjoy the following:

- 0% transaction fees from Workee for all payments

- Unlimited Schedules, Time Slots, and Projects

- Advanced Booking rules for pro schedule 

- Pro website templates and more customization

- Custom SEO for search engines

Ihor, CEO at Workee

Excited to start with Workee? Schedule a demo with our Manager!


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