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Ihor Bauman, CEO and co-founder of Workee, recently joined Steve Miletto on the "Teaching, Learning, Leading and K-12" podcast for educators to discuss everything Workee. The episode was packed with valuable insights for educators and other online professionals seeking an all-in-one business solution.

Here's a summary of the discussion:

Workee's origin story

Ihor talks about how the idea of Workee was conceived when his mother faced challenges transitioning to her online therapy practice. He identified a need for an end-to-end solution for freelancers who, like his mom, required a tool for easy client management and financial transactions.

What is Workee in a nutshell?

Workee is a platform tailored for freelancers with an existing client base. Workee's target users are freelancers who already have clients. We focus on teachers, tutors, health experts, and coaches who offer appointments and video calls. Workee helps them streamline and manage their business effectively.

Plans and Pricing: Workee offers a free Starter plan and a Pro plan priced at $29 per month and $290 per year.

Workee features: Workee has a very intuitive and easy setup interface. Workee's features include a personal website builder that automatically generates your website, allowing you to personalize it further with images and your domain name. Workee offers direct payment systems through Stripe and PayPal. You get paid directly to your account, cutting out any middleman. Workee also offers full integration with Zoom and Google Meet, among other features.

How can Workee help educators?

The Workee platform would be a powerful resource for anyone with a side gig like tutoring or coaching. We help you manage your time better and ensure you get paid directly. All back-office tasks like invoicing and tax management are handled in one place, leaving you free to focus on teaching.

Why choose Workee?

Workee is a trustworthy partner for your business. We take care of everything else so you can focus on investing your time in yourself and your clients.

Manage emotions: Freelancing can be a roller coaster. Workee helps you focus on business, not admin stress.

Efficient and easy-to-use functionality: Workee offers various tools to serve your primary objectives.

Transparency and integrity: Workee maintains high transparency in its pricing and services.

Anchoring: Your initial choice of a business management tool can set the tone for your business. Workee makes that choice easy for you.

Customer support: Customer service isn't an afterthought for Workee. In-platform booking for onboarding and a responsive customer support team ensure users' needs are promptly met.

Workee is not just a business management tool; it's a strategic partner for freelancers. Workee was designed to simplify the complicated aspects of freelancing, allowing you to focus on your work and clients.

Want to hear more insights? Tune into the full episode here.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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