Workee highlights: 2022 showed up, Workee showed out

We rolled with the punches the year 2022 threw at us.

2022 will go down in history as one full of trials and triumphs. With less than three weeks left, we'd like to reflect on some of this year's highlights, from redefining how online professionals run their businesses to growing and staying connected. We feel fortunate to do what we do every day; let’s look back at all we accomplished.  Here are some major Workee 2022 highlights:

We grew as a team 

Our Workee team grew! We hired professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields. Thank you for being an integral part of our growth in 2022. We look forward to even bigger wins in 2023.

We made some major product updates and made others better

2022 was all about breaking new ground professionally for us. We developed smarter features exclusive only to Workee. Workee became free forever for professionals starting their online careers (Workee starter). We redesigned the scheduling and availability feature for better scheduling. We included useful product tours and hints to improve our user experiences. We introduced the Workee Jobs feature to help users sell their services, gain more control over their businesses, and interact with their customers. We also made significant improvements to our existing features. Here's to making even more BIGGER updates in 2023.

Better website design and even better performance

We weren't kidding when we said we would create an all-in-one client and business management platform for everyone. We redesigned our platform and expanded our solutions to cater to a broader range of professionals, providing a smoother online experience.

Workee partnerships and fundraisers

Cheers to raising $600,000 to help freelancers manage their online businesses. Partnering, receiving funding, and mentorship from one the most recognized companies in the world, Google for Startups. We also partnered with well-known brands such as Mercury and TRuic to provide our customers with exclusive deals to help them grow their businesses.

Expert interviews and guest appearances on podcasts

We called on experts, and they answered! This year, we had over 15 professionals share their perspectives on various interesting topics. We couldn't be more thankful to these professionals for their time and for supporting Workee. We also got to talk about Workee and other hot topics in the business world on several podcasts. Here's to 2023, which promises even more high-profile collaborations and guest appearances.

Conferences and Websummits

Ihor Bauman, CEO of Workee, attended TechCrunch, one of the largest technology conferences in the United States, to form partnerships and secure investment opportunities. At the NCTE Annual Convention in California, we were thrilled to introduce our comprehensive solution to teachers, establish new partnerships, and grow our user base. Yulia Torhovtseva, Marketing Manager of Workee, also represented Workee at the annual web summit in Lisbon. We look forward to making more connections in the coming year!

Workee user reviews and cases

Here’s what experts who used Workee had to say in 2022. 

More plans for 2023

We're looking forward to launching our pro version with robust features (Workee Pro), expanding into new markets, reaching new audiences (digital nomads), forming more strategic collaborations and partnerships, and much more in the coming year. We don't want to let all the cats out of the bag (pun intended), but there's a lot more to come in 2023, so stick with us! Workee is closing out 2022 on a high note, and it’s all possible because of the incredible support of our customers, partners, and team.

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