The Speech Doctor: William Stockbridge's Success with Workee Ads

Client: William Stockbridge.

Profession: Speech Doctor, specializing in Fluency, Public Speaking, and Accent Reduction Specialist.

Challenge: William needed to find new clients for his business.

Solution: Workee Ads Program.

Budget: $20.00

Result: Gained 5 new clients and counting.

Client Background

William Stockbridge, the Speech Doctor and owner of American Accent Clinic is an expert in Fluency, Public Speaking, and Accent Reduction with over 15 years of experience. He has worked in various settings, including classrooms, lecture halls, and one-on-one sessions. William is also an experienced online coach, having led over 6,000 sessions worldwide. His extensive experience allows him to offer a unique and knowledgeable approach to each client.


William was seeking to expand his client base for the continued success and growth of his practice. He was specifically looking to attract clients from different age groups and geographical locations and establish a more diverse and stable clientele to ensure long-term sustainability. This expansion was not just about increasing his clientele but also about diversifying his portfolio and securing a steady stream of income.


William invested in the Workee Ads Program. He targeted a specific audience, aiming for clients aged 18 to 30 in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico, and Korea. The Workee team collaborated with William to define his target market, budget, and campaign locations. They launched the campaign with an initial budget of just $20.


The Workee Ads Program has proven to be a success so far. The strategic and targeted advertising approach has yielded significant results. The outcome is the acquisition of five new clients and counting.

Mr William’s journey with Workee Ads shows the immense potential of the Workee Ads Program in scaling businesses and reaching new clients effectively.

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Ihor, CEO at Workee

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