The power of a “Thank You for Your Payment” email

"Thank you"– two simple but weighty words. Unfortunately, many people and businesses often ignore the importance of using these words. Yet a simple "Thank you for your payment" email has turned the tide around for many businesses.

The 2021 Deloitte marketing trend emphasized that customers' expectations have evolved, and people are demanding sincere business relationships that show care and promote personalization. In other words, acts and words of gratitude enhance business-to-customer relationships better than commercials. Research by BusinessWire revealed that a lack of appreciation is one of the biggest drivers of customer churn.

Hence, sending your customers a timely "thank you for your purchase email" becomes ideal, and as a serious business person, you should commit to this every time someone buys from you! In this article, we'll examine the importance of gratitude, how to write it, and a checklist to design effective thank you for the payment letter templates. 

Why should you send your customers a "thank you for your payment" email?

Sending "thank you for payment" emails whenever a customer purchase is directly or indirectly linked to business productivity and income generation. 

Below are key reasons you should issue your customers a thank you payment email after they buy from you:

It fosters good customer-business relationships

Effective communication is the bedrock of all successful relationships, including customer-business relationships. Everyone wants to be singled out and identified, and sending customers a thank you for your payment confirmation email is a great way to make the customer feel recognized. Email marketing is an important marketing strategy, especially if you own a SaaS company, and thank you emails can be a part of that strategy.

When you send a "thank you for payment of invoice email" to your customers, you tell them they are important to your business, cared for, and recognized as contributing to it. 

Thank you emails encourage timely (future) payments

Prompt response births prompt action. Many customers need an invoice or receipt via email as proof of purchase, and no one likes to get this late. When a customer senses that a few seconds after they made a payment, they received a "thanks for your purchase" email with the purchase receipt, the customer presumes that they're dealing with a serious business and would be compelled to buy more products and services in the future on time.

Besides, having late paying customers is unavoidable in business: some people make it a habit, while for others, it's out of an unforeseen situation. Whatever the case, you can use a thank you for your payment email to subtly raise a bad (later) payer's payment time from low to high by adding a courtesy note towards the closing section of the thank you for payment email like this:

"Please, let us know if there's something we can do to help make payments more seamless. Thanks."

Use it to onboard more clients on direct debit

Want to enjoy more consistent cash flow in your business without the hassle of waiting endlessly for late-paying clients? Then, the way to go is the direct debit payment option, and there's arguably no better way to persuade your customers to try the direct debit payment method than with a "we thank you for your payment" text.

This works for both regularly paying and late paying customers. What to do is highlight the benefits of direct debit in the footer section of the thanks for your payment email and a subscription button or link. If your copy is good enough, you should have a fairly good opt-in rate, which can greatly advance your business's income.

Helps you make more sales

There is nothing wrong with including an offer link to get more of your products and services in an email newsletter. The thank you for payment letter is an effective weapon for this as it is done innocuously without interference with the user experience. 

Of course, you don't have to do this every time not to turn the customer off. 

Besides, a gesture of appreciation can fuel a drive for increased and continuous patronage amongst your clients.

How to send a thank you for your payment email

Here are a few tips to help you create and implement an effective appreciation email.

  • Prompt in sending

  • Effective and Courteous

  • Consistent

Your "Thank You" for the payment should be prompt

The popular saying "delay is dangerous" also applies in marketing. Hence, your "thank you for your purchase" email should arrive in your customer's inbox no later than 24 hours after the purchase. The best case scenario is to automate the process and get it delivered within seconds after a purchase is made. 

Make your "thank you" email effective and courteous

A boring and inconsistent email is a big turn-off for everyone, including customers. You should not send an appreciation email that does not resonate with the purchase made by the customer or that is too lengthy and clumsy. No one would appreciate that. 

Show sincerity and genuine appreciation with your choice of words. Don't make it sound like a tradition or too formal.

A thank you for your payment letter is not a prospecting letter/email or a sales email and hence should do just what is meant for. Your email should be courteous, fun to read, and filled with appreciation. Anything other than this is a big turn-off and would do more harm to the relationship than good.

Be consistent in sending

Sending "thank you for your purchase email" should not be restricted to certain customers. Also, you shouldn't be sending it haphazardly at different times. If you send it 10 minutes after a purchase is made, keep it so throughout. This gives the customers a clue as to when to expect your email. Consistency is the key to success in business.

Checklist for designing your "thank you" for your purchase Letter

Having seen the benefits and how to send thank you for your purchase email, here is a useful checklist to help create an effective thank you for your email template. These are vital ingredients to include in your templates.

You should include these while designing thank you for your payment template for your business:

  • Step 1: Thank the customer for making the payment and them of its effect (intent).

  • Step 2: Inform the customer of how you value their patronage with a tip on the customer's promptness to pay. 

  • Step 3: Where a customer is a late payer, subtly remark on this following Step 1 without making the customer feel harassed or insulted.

  • Step 4:Close the letter with another round of brief appreciation for the purchase made and make an offer (if necessary)

How to enhance business relationships with Workee

Workee is a multitier must-have business management and automation cloud-based tool that helps business owners simplify and automate their business processes.

Beyond sending "thank you for your purchase" emails, you also want to issue invoices and receipts promptly. Additionally, you want to provide efficient communication and payment channels to enable your customers to have smooth and stress-free business transactions with you. 

Together, these contribute to the customer experience and create a perception of care.

The Workee tool enhances the user experience and also simplifies the business operation so that you can focus on quality service delivery. 

Here is how Workee can help you serve your customers better.

  • CRM: Workee features a client management tool that allows you to manage all your clients and have access to reach them from one place. With the Workee CRM, you can track previous client engagements and get better insights for future engagements.

  • Booking: Workee has a booking function that allows clients to book your services, and you immediately get notifications. You can set your availability so that clients can only book you when it is convenient.

  • Personal website: Subscribing for Workee allows you to create your personal, branded website at no extra cost. The great part is that you don't need expert or technical knowledge to run your website. It's a no-code website that can be set up in 5 minutes or less.

  • Payment and invoicing: Workee integrates payment channels like Stripe to enable you to receive all accrued payments from your clients. You can also track all your finances and issue automated invoices and receipts.

  • Video calls: Communication is vital for every new business, and on Workee, you'll have access to communication tools for voice and video collaborations with clients. Get started with Workee for free today!

Wrapping up

Sending timely, effective, and courteous thank you for your purchase email to customers whenever they make a purchase can be a key factor that brings your business repeat customers and cash flow. The pros of sending a simple thank you for your payment email far outweigh the cons (if any). Hence, it should be business policy always to send gratitude and appreciate every patronage, whether a first-time or repeat customer.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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