The best 10 AI tools for online tutors

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AI is the rave right now. If you have used any, you've probably been impressed at how much these tools can revolutionize research and workflow. Instead of sifting through mounds of data, you can get precise information in mere seconds. It's no wonder that platforms like ChatGPT skyrocketed to 1 million users within five days of its debut and hit 173 million by April 2023, as reported by Forbes and Nerdynav. But here's where it gets even more interesting: The realm of education is harnessing AI in transformative ways. Did you know that most educators now use AI to craft their lessons? With experience serving over 8,000 online independent professionals - the Workee team has garnered deep insights into the needs and solutions of today's educators. Simply put, we're in the know. In this article, our seasoned experts at Workee break down the best AI educational tools that can elevate your teaching and boost student outcomes. Ready to dive into expert advice? Let's go!

How many categories of AI exist?

For now, AI can be broadly segmented into three main categories: 

  1. Narrow AI (or Weak AI): This form of AI is designed to excel at a particular task and doesn't possess the capability to go beyond its specific function. Think of chatbots, image recognition systems, and autonomous vehicles. Examples are Virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.

  2. General AI (or Advanced AI): This version of AI mimics human intelligence, allowing it to learn and process a wide array of tasks. Examples include high-end computational systems and advanced AI models similar to ChatGPT.

  3. Super AI: This is the pinnacle of artificial intelligence, often seen in sci-fi narratives. Such AI models would, in theory, surpass human intelligence in every aspect.

Top 10 AI tools for online education

We reviewed many AI-assisted learning tools that assist educators and students, focusing on what they can do and how easy they are to use. After careful consideration, we've compiled a list of the ten best tools. These tools are awesome and can help take your online teaching to the next level.

1. Workee AI

Workee AI is an excellent tool for tutors and teachers to create personalized lesson plans for students of any grade level and topic. With just a few clicks, you can generate sessions, meeting plans, and notes quickly and efficiently. Online tutors can benefit from this tool by creating lesson templates for their students in no time.

Workee also offers a comprehensive set of business management tools to meet every online tutor's needs. They include:

  • Free professional website

With a website builder with a variety of templates to choose from and personalized SEO to optimize your content, your brand will speak for itself. Workee enables you to create your own website without coding skills.

  • Client management

Workee offers the flexibility to build and maintain good business relationships with your clients and students. You have a well-organized contact portfolio that syncs with your Google contacts and enables you to organize your contacts according to preferred categories. This makes it easy to have personalized relationships with your students and attend to their concerns.

  • Booking and Scheduling

What's the use of offering a service like tutoring without machinery for clients to book you? Workee makes this very easy with an automated smart booking function that connects with your email and calendar. Clients can only choose the days and hours, and you're available and alert when booked.

With Workee, you're completely in control of your activities, and you can sync schedules and appointments from other calendars to have a single and well-organized booking and scheduling system.

  • Finance management

Workee offers complete independence to tutors and professionals on the platform. You decide your rate and how you collect it from your clients. The Workee tool integrates payment channels like Stripe and PayPal to make payment processing easy and seamless. Tutors may also receive payments directly through credit or debit cards. 

With Workee, you can also track all your payments and issue invoices and receipts for transactions. What's more interesting is the ability to automatically calculate your taxes so that you can always make the right payments at the due time.

  • Online marketplace

Workee is open to all professionals, regardless of their profession or specialty, and it doesn't matter what subject you teach. You can find like-minded professionals on Workee space to collaborate with, share info, and also find potential clients.

Create comprehensive lesson plans with Workee AI in minutes

2. Perplexity AI

Although it is not as popular as ChatGPT, it’s sure one of the ten best AI tools to explore as an online educator. It can be added as an extension on your Chrome browser that allows you to ask questions and immediately gives you summaries of web pages. That's what Perplexity does. They also have a mobile app, Perplexity - Ask Anything, which does similar things.

The cool part is that Perplexity uses a smart technology called GPT-4, which is like a super-smart computer brain that learns from a whole bunch of text and code. Because of this, it can help you write stuff, translate languages, and even answer your questions in a really helpful way.

Perplexity aims to help you find and understand information without any hassle. The Perplexity AI Companion is like a buddy that quickly gives you answers about a web page. At the same time, the Perplexity - Ask Anything app lets you ask questions about whatever you're curious about.

As an online educator, this tool can come in handy in preparing lessons for your students, especially when conducting research. It could also be used to explain difficult concepts to students in a way they can really deal with stress less.

Create comprehensive lesson plans with Workee AI in minutes

3. Otter AI

One common challenge all educators understand is note-taking in class. As simple as it sounds, it could be a herculean task for many. Worse still is the fact that some students find it hard to take note notes while listening. Some others are slow writers and so will miss crucial points in their notes if the lecturer talks fast. Otter effectively solves this challenge.

Otter is a voice-to-text transcription application that uses artificial intelligence to create real-time transcripts of meetings, lectures, and other conversations. With Otter, all you have to do is open your app and begin the voice recording. The app will automatically transcribe the recorded voice into a smart note, thereby solving the note-taking challenge. The best part is that Otter can be integrated into other productivity meeting apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc., to take notes in your meetings! 

As an online tutor, Otter can be used to improve your student's learning experience by having them focus on the class while Otter takes notes. When the voice recording has been transcribed to text at the end of the class, you can then share it with all students. You can also transcribe old videos or voice recordings to notes and distribute them to your students. Without question, this is a great AI education platform.

4. ChatGPT

At the moment, this AI tool is enjoying the most popularity. Simply put, ChatGPT is a versatile AI web and mobile application trained to have human-like conversations and produce creative content such as poems, songs, etc. In ChatGPT, users type in their search query, and it responds with a detailed answer to their query. They can further probe the AI for more information or clarity if the answer provided needs to be clarified. This makes ChatGPT a valuable resource for online tutors, as they can generate resources for their notes and lesson plans from this AI tool. It is also one of the best AI tools for homework.

The drawback is that ChatGPT may sometimes produce inaccurate answers. This is why you should always review the answers given by ChatGPT for accuracy in case there is anything to be amended.

Create comprehensive lesson plans with Workee AI in minutes

5. Google Bard

As the name suggested, this is an AI tool provided by Google. It leverages Google's vast database and LaMDA conversational module to deliver quality responses to search queries. Like ChatGPT, Google Bard has been trained to have conversation-like responses to user queries. Users can type in just about any query they need answers to, and it will provide you with a detailed response and an option to directly Google search your query if you are not satisfied with the initial responses.

It shares many similarities with ChatGPT and can also be used to gather materials or data to prepare lessons for your online class. It is also an AI homework tool.

6. Knewton’s Alta

All tutors know that each student learns at their own pace. Some pick things up fast, while others pick them up later on. The question now is, how do you identify which student may require more time to pick things up at the beginning of the learning session or program? That is where Knewton’s Alta comes in.

It starts by assessing each student's knowledge level and then uses this data to create a personalized learning plan for each student in line with their knowledge level. Each learning plan includes activities such as quizzes, videos, practice questions, etc., and the difficulty of the activities in each plan is adjusted to each student's knowledge level.

It also provides accurate feedback on each student’s performance, making it easier for you to track students' performance and provide support, where necessary, to help them improve. This is definitely an education AI tool that every online tutor needs to improve their learning programs and students' performance.

Create comprehensive lesson plans with Workee AI in minutes

7. Socratic AI

Socratic is an AI-powered educational application that employs the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist students in solving academic questions. Developed by Google AI, this app comes in handy for learning various subjects like mathematics, science, literature, and social studies.

When a student uses Socratic, it starts by posing a question related to their school assignments. Afterward, the app taps into its AI technology to locate the most suitable online resources that can aid the student in addressing the question. What's more, Socratic goes beyond simple answers, offering step-by-step explanations and visual aids to ensure that students comprehend the underlying concepts thoroughly. This app is available in mobile and web versions.

8. Querium

Querium is an AI-powered educational platform that helps students master crucial STEM skills. The platform provides personalized lessons and step-by-step tutoring assistance to help students learn at their own pace and address their individual needs.

Querium's AI technology analyzes student answers and the duration of tutoring sessions to provide valuable insights into learning habits and areas for improvement. Teachers can use this information to personalize instruction and provide students with the support they need to succeed.

In addition to its personalized learning features, Querium also offers a variety of other benefits, such as:

  • Bite-sized lessons that are easy to digest and retain

  • Step-by-step tutoring assistance that helps students solve problems and master concepts

  • Gamification elements that make learning fun and engaging

  • Progress tracking allows students to see their progress and stay motivated.

Create comprehensive lesson plans with Workee AI in minutes

9. Plaito

Like the ancient Greek Philosopher Plato, this AI tool coaches students on writing, debates, and teamwork. It's like having a personal coach right on your screen. This AI for learning gives you tips, clues, and ideas to make your learning better. It's like having a private tutor who understands you and boosts your confidence. 

You can use Plaito to show your homework pictures and get instant help from the AI. It also makes lessons just for you, so you can learn what you need in a way that's best for you. With chat-based learning, it's like having a fun conversation while learning. Plus, Plaito has special courses that make learning languages easier.

Plaito will be a great AI tool to introduce to your students to improve the speed and depth of their learning. This is even more important when you are tutoring Languages or some other school-related discipline.

10. Quizgecko

This is an AI for teachers, as it helps to automatically generate quiz questions for students from any text or link pasted on the intuitive quiz builder of the app. The app parses through the text or link uploaded and generates several quiz questions from them. The questions generated are usually in multiple formats. Some of the questions may be multiple choice, True/false, fill in the blank, etc.

Online tutors can quickly leverage this tool to create quick tests for their students after a class to test their understanding of what has been done and if the class needs to be retaken.


In the evolving landscape of online education, AI tools have emerged as game-changers for tutors. From streamlining administrative tasks to enhancing student engagement, these top 10 AI solutions provide a blend of efficiency and innovation. As an online tutor, embracing these technologies can not only elevate your teaching methods but also offer a more enriched and personalized learning experience for your students. Remember, it's not about replacing the human touch in teaching but rather complementing it with the power of AI. As the digital era unfolds, staying updated and integrating these tools can set you apart, ensuring both your success and that of your students.

Create comprehensive lesson plans with Workee AI in minutes

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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