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In an age where technology continues to shape our future, it's crucial for the younger generation to not only understand but also engage with the digital world. SummerTech, located in the picturesque setting of Purchase, NY, offers just that - an immersive and enriching experience that goes beyond the typical summer camp. With over 20 years of legacy, this premier technology-focused summer camp has been a hub for aspiring young tech enthusiasts.

A Legacy of Tech Education:Established over two decades ago, SummerTech has continually evolved, adapting to the latest educational standards and advancements in technology. Its long-standing history is a testament to its commitment to quality tech education.

Personalized Learning with Exceptional Camper to Teacher Ratio:What sets SummerTech apart is its impressive 2:1 camper to teacher ratio. This ensures personalized attention and instruction tailored to each camper's individual skill level and interests. The result is a learning experience that's as unique as each participant.

Tailored Curriculum:SummerTech stands out with its customized learning approach. Every camper embarks on a learning journey specifically crafted for them, ensuring significant progress in areas like coding, 2D animation, and 3D modeling.

In-Depth Coding and Creative Arts:The camp offers comprehensive coding classes, fostering concept mastery for various skill levels. Additionally, foundational courses in 2D Animation and 3D Modeling provide a creative outlet, nurturing skills in visual arts and design.

A Nurturing Community:More than just a tech camp, SummerTech is a community. It offers a supportive environment where campers form real friendships and create unforgettable summer memories. This sense of community is a cornerstone of the SummerTech experience.

Immersive Geek Culture:Participants can plunge into the depths of geek culture through various workshops, activities, and themed events. It's a celebration of all things tech, gaming, and beyond, making each moment at the camp exhilarating.

Real-World Learning Environment:Classes at SummerTech are conducted in authentic engineering settings. This approach emphasizes practical knowledge over entertainment, offering campers a genuine taste of the tech field.

Inclusive and Worry-Free Experience:The camp provides inclusive meal options and caters to all dietary needs. With breakfast for overnight campers and a range of meal choices throughout the day, SummerTech ensures a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Flexibility for Families:Understanding the diverse needs of families, SummerTech offers both day and overnight camps. Additionally, it accommodates early drop-offs and late pickups, making it a convenient option for busy parents.

Easily Accessible:Located in Westchester County, Purchase, NY, SummerTech is easily accessible for local and nearby communities. Its convenient location makes it an ideal choice for families looking for a top-notch tech camp experience in the region.

SummerTech isn't just a summer camp; it's a gateway to the future for young tech enthusiasts. It provides an environment where learning, fun, and friendship converge, nurturing the next generation of tech professionals and aficionados. With its unique approach and comprehensive offerings, SummerTech stands out as a top choice for families seeking an exceptional summer tech experience for their children. Discover more at

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