Success story: English Tutor Ralla’s journey with Workee Ads

Client: English Tutor Ralla.

Profession: English Tutor specializing in Language, English, Reading, Kids, and Business English.

Challenge: Tutor Ralla wanted to grow her business and reach more people who could benefit from her lessons.

Solution: Workee Ads Program.

Budget: $50.00.

Result: 7 new students and counting.

Client background

Meet Tutor Ralla, a dedicated English teacher with a passion for helping people excel in the English language. With an academic background a Master's degree in Operations Management, a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, and a Science of Reading Certificate, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the world of language education. Her TEFL certification equips her with effective teaching methods, making her a trusted guide in the journey of English language acquisition.


Tutor Ralla faced a common challenge: the need to expand her clientele for her tutoring business. She was on the hunt for new students eager to learn English, whether they were young children or adults seeking to boost their language skills, especially those lacking confidence in speaking English.


To address this challenge, Tutor Ralla decided to explore the Workee Ads Program. This program offers a simplified yet powerful platform for creating and managing targeted ad campaigns on social media giants like Facebook and Instagram.

Tutor Ralla's ad campaign focused on two primary groups: children aged 5-10 and adults, particularly professionals and individuals lacking confidence in their English-speaking abilities.

Working closely with the Workee team, Tutor Ralla defined her target audience, allocated a budget, and selected appropriate locations for ad placements. With an initial investment of $50, the campaign was set in motion.


The Workee Ads campaign has successfully attracted over 7 new clients and counting.

Tutor Ralla's feedback - "Yes, I see the bookings!!! I'm so excited! Thank you so much!-Tutor Ralla"

Tutor Ralla's journey with Workee Ads shows the immense potential of the Workee Ads Program in scaling businesses and reaching new clients effectively. Ready to transform your teaching career like Ralla? Join the Workee Ads Program today and start turning your expertise into growth. Send your request to and watch your bookings soar!

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