6 proven hacks to build a profitable coaching business

Ihor Bauman, CEO of Workee, hosted a webinar on August 10, 2023, titled "6 Proven Hacks to Build a Profitable Coaching Business." This informative session was created for aspiring coaches, seasoned professionals, and anyone interested in starting a successful coaching business. The webinar was packed with coaches with actionable strategies and insights to help them grow their businesses.

The following six essential hacks for developing a profitable coaching business were discussed:

Rule 1. Establish your business: Lay a strong foundation from the start.

Rule 2. Your Time is Your Product: Recognize the value of your hours and use them wisely.

Rule 3. Master Your Operations: Efficient systems lead to smoother workflows.

Rule 4. Work on your rates: Set pricing that reflects your expertise and market demand.

Rule 5. Manage happy clients: Happy clients are the best form of advertising.

Rule 6. Manage Cash Flow: Keep an eye on your finances to ensure sustainability.

By the end of the webinar, attendees had also learned how to:

  • Craft a compelling personal website that showcases their coaching skills.

  • Implement an intelligent booking system to optimize time management.

  • Determine competitive pricing to enhance their revenue.

  • Streamline operations for better time utilization.

  • Navigate tax considerations, invoicing procedures, and much more.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming webinars.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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