Online business ideas for beginners to make money in 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of online jobs continues to evolve, offering lucrative opportunities for beginners to establish successful careers from home.

In this updated guide, we explore six promising online professions and how Workee, an all-in-one business management software, can make each role more efficient and productive.

1. Teaching online

The online tutoring industry is rapidly growing, offering educators a chance to become their own bosses and provide engaging, effective classes worldwide. According to statistics, this industry is expected to hit around $370 billion by 2026! This growth is all because people nowadays want learning options that fit their busy lives, something that traditional schools can't always offer. Online learning fills this gap perfectly.

What does this mean for educators considering online teaching? This presents an opportunity to be your own boss and also offer more engaging and effective classes to students all over the world.

For teachers thinking about taking their profession online, this is your chance to shine on your terms. To stand out, consider using a business management tool to streamline your operations. A platform with a personal website builder, built-in bookings, payments, video calls, and invoicing is key. That's where Workee steps in, offering a customizable website with SEO tools, integrated booking and payment systems, managing your services, job orders, and file sharing, a video calls feature to hold your classes, and AI for automated planning for meetings, lessons, and sessions.

2. Fashion and beauty

If fashion and style is your passion and you've been thinking about starting your own online personal stylist business, 2024 is the year to do it. The fashion industry has jumped into the online scene. We’re seeing virtual consultations and AI-driven style advice becoming super popular. It's awesome because stylists now have this huge stage to show off what they can do, right at their fingertips!

According to Zippia, the number of jobs for personal stylists will grow by 11% from 2018 to 2028. In the past five years, pay for personal stylists has gone up by 14%. And, over the next ten years, there will likely be about 65,000 more jobs for personal stylists.

So, if you're a stylist or dreaming of becoming one, here's the scoop on getting started: First things first, you have to get yourself out there. A cool way to do this is by setting up an online portfolio. Setting up your website is perfect for this. You can add all your information, include visuals and links to all your social media platforms, and let your work speak for itself. Workee helps you create this digital portfolio easily and manage your business with efficient features. All you need to do is create your website in a matter of seconds and include all information about your work, your rates, and much more. Once you’re all set up, start offering virtual styling sessions using the booking and scheduling feature on the Workee platform. It’s the in-thing. You can help people look their best without even having to meet them in person. How cool is that?

3. Freelancing

You've probably heard about the gig economy, right? In 2023, Statista reported that it was projected to hit a whopping $455.2 billion. That's a huge number, showing just how much independent work and gig opportunities are on the rise. No wonder it's a hot topic these days. With all the freelancing platforms and tools available, people from all kinds of professions are discovering new ways to work and earn their livelihood. It's impressive how these platforms have opened so many doors.

If you're thinking of jumping into freelancing, here’s a game plan: First off, figure out what you're good at. What’s your special sauce? Once you’ve got that, it’s time to make your mark online. Invest in a work management tool that can automate a good part of your work process. Workee is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the operations of freelance businesses. It integrates various essential tools such as booking systems, payment processing, video communication, and invoicing into a single interface. The platform emphasizes ease of use, allowing freelancers to set up customizable websites without requiring coding skills. Additionally, it provides functionalities for scheduling, managing time slots, and handling project listings.

4. Freelance writing

Freelance writers enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere. You could dive into content writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, or technical writing. It's smart to pick a niche, making you more knowledgeable and persuasive in your pitches.

  • Content Writing: Write blog posts and web content for companies. There's a big demand for this role, especially from companies wanting to boost their online presence.

  • Ghostwriting: Write content that others will publish under their names. It's a lucrative field, particularly if you bring value to your client.

  • Copywriting: Here, you help sell products through various forms of writing. Having design skills is a plus.

  • Technical Writing: A profitable niche involving writing manuals and guides. It's in demand due to the technical expertise required.

Writers can utilize Workee to display their work, manage projects, streamline client communication, receive payments, and much more.

5. Coaching jobs

Coaching is more than just rewarding; it ranks among the highest-paying online jobs. Specializing in areas like career, health, financial, life, relationship, or business executive coaching can be incredibly effective.

Having a professional website that highlights your brand, services, and client testimonials is crucial. It not only showcases your expertise but also builds trust with potential clients. Setting your rates allows you to enjoy the autonomy that comes with running your own online coaching business. For all of this, Workee is the perfect tool. It streamlines the process of managing your coaching business online.

Once you're set-up, make sure to showcase your services on Workee Space to attract clients. Don’t underestimate the power of social media either; it's a fantastic platform for spreading the word about your services. Remember, word of mouth and referrals are invaluable for drawing in new clients and growing your business.

6. Personal training business

Online personal trainers often earn more than their in-person counterparts. In 2019, personal trainers made an average of $46,000 annually, while online trainers averaged $54,000. With more people setting up home gyms, there's a growing demand for online fitness guidance. Building your client base is challenging but rewarding.

For online personal trainers, Workee offers a comprehensive suite for managing client sessions, tracking progress, and handling payments and schedules. This is particularly beneficial in the growing online fitness coaching market, where trainers can focus more on client fitness goals while Workee takes care of the administrative tasks.


In conclusion, as online careers continue to flourish in 2024, leveraging a platform like Workee can be a transformative step for beginners in various fields. By providing essential tools for business management, client interaction, and process automation, Workee enables individuals to focus on their core skills and grow their online businesses efficiently and effectively.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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