How to write a strong networking email subject line with examples

Networking is a very important aspect of every professional's journey that should not be taken for granted. Networking grants professionals the leverage to get hands-on opportunities within the industry and also learn from others.

There are many ways to build a network. Some of the traditional methods include meeting for coffee, meet-ups at events, and other avenues. With the advent of digital communications, new ways of creating and maintaining professional networks have emerged.

Emails have become a favorite tool for communication among professionals; however, some best practices help improve networking through emails. One of the key factors determining an email's success is the heading of the email, also referred to as the email subject. In this article, we will discuss what networking email subjects are and how they can be used for building effective networking and connections.

What is the subject line of a networking email?

The email subject, also known as the title of the email, is the first thing a recipient sees in their inbox. Thus, the networking email subject line determines whether the recipient will open your email or discard it outright. Hence, the subject line is highly important because it determines the fate of your email.

Recent research reports that the subject line of an email alone influences 47% of email recipients to open an email. You can get up to a 25.0% email open rate if the sender employs or uses a personalized subject line or header. This show how powerful and useful the subject lines of your emails should be. 

Benefits of crafting engaging network email subject lines 

Below are some reasons why you must crafting a networking email is important.

  • To guard against your mail being repeatedly marked as spam by the recipient and thus blackmailed by mail service providers.

  • To give the email recipient a clue of what the email body contains. 

  • To help the recipient identify you as the email sender (probably due to your tone).

How to write engaging network email subject lines

To ensure that your networking email subject line is effective and entices the recipient to open and read your email, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Be unique in your subject line captions

Personalizing your subject line informs the recipient that the email is not spam and is from someone they know or have previously communicated with. Here are a few things to do to boost the uniqueness of your subject lines

  • Include the recipient's name, job title, mutual interests, events you've both attended

  • Include the topics the recipient is interested in,

  • Mention where you met the recipient if relevant

  • State a networking event the recipient attended (if that was how you met the person) or will attend

These will help to personalize your subject line and boost the open email rate.

2. Keep it concise

Your networking email subject line may be truncated by the emailing software you use if it is too long, thus preventing the recipient from reading it completely. This is especially true if the recipient accesses their email via mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and digital watches. This is because the user interface (UI) of smartphones and other handheld devices can accommodate lesser email subject line space than computers. To fix this, you can try keeping your subject line to three to four a word, approximately 40 characters or less. Doing this wipes out the problem of your email subject line truncating.

3. Use attractive subject lines

Want your email recipient to open your email just as it lands in their inbox? Make the subject line for your networking email catchy! This will increase the hope and anxiety of your recipient. Besides, it allows your email to stand out among others in the person's inbox and convinces them to open it. This is more important because, at the initial stages, your email is unfamiliar to the recipient, and an engaging email subject line helps them decide whether to open it. People get tons of emails every day. So, an email with an attractive subject line is more likely to be considered than those that look stale and unattractive.

4. Avoid Ambiguities

Most email subject lines are ambiguous and redundant and piss off the reader at first sight. Unclear subject lines indicate that the email content is poor or not worth the reader's time. Hence, many people are reluctant to open them. You want to avoid this. So, ensure your subject line project exactly what you are trying to communicate in your email to enhance open rates. Agreed, it's not easy to learn how to write a networking email subject line with enough clarity and therefore requires a bit of practice.

5. Avoid the use of spam-trigger words

Most emails get redirected to the recipient's spam folder, and the recipients never get to see, open and read them. This is caused by using strong spam-trigger words in your email, especially your subject line. Some examples include using sales headlines, all capital letters, multiple punctuation marks, etc. Avoid these in the subject line of your emails, and you will see a great open rate in your emails.

Examples of networking email subject lines

Here are some templates to inspire you to create your own networking email subject line:

1.     Hey [name], I'd love to have your thoughts on [specific and relevant  topic]

2.     Congratulations on [particular step taken]

3.     Are you interested in learning [specific and  relevant  topic]

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Writing an effective subject line for networking emails should be a must-have skill for professionals. Hopefully, this article will provide you with relevant insights on how to get started.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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