How to build a strong online tutoring brand with Workee 

If you're an online tutor, Workee is the best business and client management tool for you. Workee isn't just another platform; it's a revolutionary tool for tutors who are serious about taking their teaching to the next level. Workee is an all-in-one solution with efficient features such as a website builder, booking and scheduling system, lesson planner, and client management that can streamline your operations, enhance your brand, and free up time for what you do best—teaching.

Whether you're tutoring in math, language arts, science, or business English, Workee is your ally in autopiloting your educational services for maximum productivity and visibility.

Let's dive into 8 tailored tips that will help you leverage your Workee platform to thrive in the competitive online tutoring market.

1. Sign up on Workee, choose a plan, and book a demo

Get started with a Workee account: Signing up is free and pretty straightforward. On the Workee sign-up page, you can choose to register with your email or directly through your Google account for added convenience.

Choose a Workee plan: There are currently three plans available.

  • Workee Starter- Upon signing up you automatically have access to the starter plan. It is a free plan for tutors just starting. Features in this plan are limited. 

  • Workee Plus- This is a plan that has been introduced for tutors who want to enjoy a robust set of features without worrying about affordability.

  • Workee Pro- This plan unlocks an unlimited array of features to autopilot your business. 

Customize your profile: Once registered, you'll be prompted to set up your profile. This is where you can express your teaching philosophy, highlight your specializations, and set the tone for your online presence. Creating a profile on Workee is more than just filling out information; it's about crafting a professional narrative that speaks to your expertise and dedication to education.

Book a Demo: After you've created your account, a demo call is an essential step in making sure that you start on the right foot. It's about ensuring that you fully leverage Workee's capabilities to elevate your online tutoring services from the outset. With this strong foundation, you're well on your way to distinguishing yourself in the online tutoring industry.

  • Schedule a Demo Call: With a simple click, you can book a one-on-one demo call with the Workee support team.

During the demo call, you'll be walked through the platform's features with a focus on how they can be applied to your unique tutoring style and business needs. This is also a good time to ask specific questions, clarify any doubts, and discuss strategies to optimize your use of Workee.

2. Create your tutoring Hub: Personal website with Workee

Building a personal website through Workee offers you a dedicated space to not only inform potential students about your services but also to capture the essence of your teaching approach. Your Workee website is a place where students can learn about you, book your services, and access resources. Here’s how you can establish a strong online presence:

Choose a template: Workee provides a variety of website templates, each designed to cater to different styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or something colorful and vibrant, there’s a template for you. The templates are ready-to-use and fully customizable. Just pick one that resonates with your teaching style and start personalizing. 

Customize your website: Change colors, fonts, and layout to match your personal brand. Your website should be as unique as your teaching method, and Workee’s customization options make this possible. Use the text, images, and other multimedia options to tell your story.  Also don't forget to include a beautiful professional image. 

Showcase your skills and expertise: Share your qualifications, experiences, and what drives you as a tutor. This is your chance to connect with students on a personal level.

Include a video introduction: By embedding a YouTube video on your site, you can give a warm welcome to visitors, introduce your teaching philosophy, and provide a sneak peek into your lessons. This visual touch can make a lasting impression.

Use the SEO feature: Workee includes an SEO feature meaning your site is optimized to appear in search results when potential students are looking for online tutors. Check out how to use Workee SEO here.

3. Organize your lessons with the Workee booking and scheduling feature

Managing your tutoring schedule can be as important as the lessons themselves. With Workee, you have access to an efficient scheduling solution that not only enhances your professionalism but also provides a seamless booking experience for your students.

Manage online bookings: An online booking system is incorporated directly into your Workee website. This feature allows students to view your available time slots and book their lessons without the back-and-forth of emails or calls. You can use the built-in video calling feature or sync your preferred video call provider.

Send real-time automated reminders:  Workee sends automatic reminders to students, reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations, preventing double bookings, and ensuring students see your current availability.

Flexible scheduling: With Workee, you can establish your teaching calendar by setting the days and times you’re available for lessons. This flexibility allows you to balance tutoring with other commitments. Workee's scheduling tools make it easy to adjust your availability as needed, ensuring you're never overbooked or stretched too thin.

Set scheduling policies: Define your rescheduling and cancellation policies from the start. Workee enables you to communicate these policies clearly on your website, setting expectations with students beforehand. By establishing these guidelines, you maintain control over your schedule and prevent misunderstandings, ensuring that both you and your students respect each other’s time.

Personalize your experience: You can also personalize how you interact with students who book lessons. Send them welcome messages, lesson plans, or preparatory materials automatically upon booking.

4. Manage your clients easily with Workee

Managing your students' information efficiently can make a significant difference in delivering personalized education and fostering lasting relationships. By simplifying client management, Workee not only improves the organizational aspects of your tutoring business but also enhances the educational experience you offer. This comprehensive approach to client management means you can focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive educational environment.

Manage client profiles: Create detailed profiles for each of your students within Workee. Save essential contact information, but also capture their learning preferences, study habits, and any special requirements they have.

Track student progress: Keep a record of each student's learning journey.Record notes from each session and keep a log of all communications. This history is invaluable for personalizing follow-ups and ensuring continuity between lessons. Note their milestones, improvements, and areas needing extra attention. This enables you to tailor your lessons to each student's progress.

Track projects: Use Workee to send and track lesson plans, assignments, and projects you’ve set for each student. Monitor submission dates and provide feedback, all within the same platform.

Easy access & sharing: Access these documents anytime, anywhere, and easily share them with your students or their parents. This convenience means you can provide resources with just a few clicks, saving time and enhancing the learning experience.

5. Finance management for tutors: Simplify your payments with Workee

With Workee, managing the financial side of your tutoring services becomes as straightforward and professional as your teaching. Here's how integrated payments can enhance your business efficiency:

Sell your services: Sell your services directly from your personal website and receive instant payments for the services you offer

Trusted payment gateways: Connect your Workee workspace with leading payment processors like Stripe or PayPal. These integrations offer a secure and reliable way for your students to pay for their lessons.

Custom payments: Workee allows you to include your bank details for direct transfers. This method is perfect for tutors who prefer traditional payment methods and want to offer this option to their students. Add a QR code to your checkout page. It's a modern payment solution that caters to your students, making it incredibly easy for them to complete payments. Or you could generate a payment link and add it to your website. It’s a versatile option that links directly to your payment account.

Manual and automated invoicing: With just a few clicks, you can generate an invoice with all the necessary details, including lesson dates, times, and fees, saving you the hassle of creating invoices from scratch. Workee's automated invoicing system lets you generate professional-looking invoices.

Multi-currency support: Whether your students are local or international, Workee’s multi-currency support means you can accept payments in various currencies. This is particularly advantageous for online tutors with a global student base.

6. Plan your lessons with Workee AI 

Staying ahead with innovative tools is key to effective teaching. Workee AI, a cutting-edge feature of the Workee platform, revolutionizes lesson planning, making it a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable process for all educators.

Customization for every need: Workee AI is designed to understand and adapt to your specific lesson planning requirements. Whether you're teaching elementary school children or college students, Workee AI can craft lesson plans that cater to any topic and grade level.

Comprehensive and effective: The lesson plans created are not just generic outlines; they are comprehensive and strategically designed to enhance the delivery of your lessons. They take into account various pedagogical approaches, ensuring that the diverse learning needs of your students are met.

Quick and intuitive lesson creation: Gone are the days of spending hours on lesson planning. With Workee AI, you can input your preferences, and within minutes, a tailored lesson plan is ready for your review and use. This speed and efficiency free up valuable time, allowing you to focus more on engaging with your students and inspiring them, rather than being bogged down by the intricacies of planning.

User-friendly for every educator: The user interface of Workee AI is intuitive and accessible, ensuring that even educators who may not be tech enthusiasts can benefit from its capabilities.

Versatility across grades and subjects: Workee AI isn’t limited to a specific subject or grade. It's equipped to handle various educational topics and levels, making it a versatile tool in any educator's arsenal.

7. Network on Workee Space: Connect with the tutors and students 

How to boost your personal website to gain visibility on Workee Space

Workee Space is a digital space for networking, learning, and growing your tutoring business. It’s a place where you can grow professionally, connect with like-minded educators, and potentially expand your client base.

Build professional relationships: In Workee Space, you'll find tutors from various disciplines and levels of expertise. This diversity offers a rich ground for building professional relationships and collaborations.

Share insights and experiences: Engage, share teaching strategies, and exchange experiences with peers. This exchange of knowledge can be incredibly enriching and provide fresh perspectives on your teaching methods.

Get access to a wealth of resources: From innovative teaching tips to the latest in educational research, the information available can be instrumental in keeping your teaching methods current and effective.

Professional development: Regular webinars, workshops, and Q&A sessions with experienced educators and industry experts can help in your continuous professional development.

Finding new students: You can showcase your expertise and teaching style to attract new students.

8. Scale your tutoring business with Workee Ads

Visibility is the key to expanding your tutoring business. Running ads with Workee is more than just about getting your name out there; it’s about strategically positioning your tutoring services in the digital world. With expert guidance, targeted campaigns, and a focus on platforms where your potential students spend their time, you can significantly enhance your online presence and grow your student base. Here’s a deeper look into how Workee ads can be a game-changer for your tutoring services.

Reach more students: By running ads on popular platforms, you increase the chances of being discovered by potential students. This visibility is crucial in the crowded online tutoring market.

Targeted exposure: The Workee ads program focuses on placing your ads where they are most likely to be seen by your desired audience, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Get seen on diverse platforms: Workee collaborates with major advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and TikTok Ads. This diversity allows you to reach potential students across various social media and search engines.

Streamlined Ad creation and expert campaign handling: Workee’s program provides expert management of your ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, ensuring that your ads are optimized for success.

Creative assistance: Get help with creating eye-catching ad banners and crafting messages that resonate with your target audience.

Audience targeting: The program aids in identifying and targeting the right audience for your tutoring services, ensuring that your ads reach those most likely to be interested in what you offer.

Strategic Ad placement and affordable management: Workee ensures that your ads are strategically placed in select locations for maximum impact. This strategic placement is key to reaching the right demographic.

Cost-effective campaigns: Starting at just $20.00 per campaign, this program provides value without a hefty investment.

Send your request to to find new customers and promote your business effectively.


Workee stands as an indispensable tool for online tutors aiming to elevate their teaching businesses. With its array of features tailored specifically for the needs of educators, Workee provides a robust platform to manage, grow, and refine your online tutoring services. From crafting your brand with a custom website to streamlining scheduling and client management, Workee is the comprehensive solution you've been looking for.

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your tutoring business. Get started with Workee today, and experience the transformation in how you teach, manage, and expand. 


1. How can Workee help manage my online tutoring schedule?

Workee offers a sophisticated booking and scheduling feature that integrates seamlessly into your Workee website. This tool allows your students to book lessons directly, view your availability in real time, and receive automated reminders. This functionality not only enhances your professionalism but also streamlines your scheduling process, making it easier to balance tutoring with other commitments.

2. Can Workee assist in expanding my student base?

Absolutely! Workee’s collaborative advertising with platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and TikTok Ads can significantly increase your online visibility. This strategic exposure helps you reach a broader audience and attract potential students more effectively. Additionally, networking in Workee Spaces allows you to connect with other tutors and students, offering further opportunities for growth.

3. What kind of financial management tools does Workee provide for tutors?

Workee simplifies financial management with an integrated payments and invoicing system. You can connect with trusted payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal for secure transactions. The platform also supports custom payments, and multi-currency transactions, and features an automated invoicing system, making financial management hassle-free.

4. Is Workee suitable for non-tech-savvy tutors?

Yes, Workee is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy. Its intuitive design ensures that you can easily navigate through features like website building, scheduling, client management, and lesson planning with Workee AI.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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