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In the vast landscape of social media, Twitter stands tall as a platform where ideas, opinions, and trends converge. It's the place where hashtags are born, and where a single tweet can spark a global conversation. And as the second most visited social media website after Facebook, with over 353.90 million users and 330 million monthly active users, it has become an essential tool for people. Public figures, celebrities, and even businesses adopt this platform to connect with their audiences. But have you ever wondered how these influential personalities manage to consistently craft engaging, thought-provoking tweets?

Let’s delve into the world of Twitter ghostwriting services and Twitter ghostwriter jobs. Workee experts will be providing you with the necessary insights to get started and successfully offer this service.

What is twitter ghostwriting?

Twitter ghostwriting refers to professional writers crafting highly engaging and effective tweets on behalf of their clients to be posted on Twitter. Twitter ghostwriters work behind the scenes, using their writing skills and knowledge of Twitter to create engaging tweets and threads in the client's voice and style to appeal to the client's audience or target market. However, unlike traditional writing roles, the ghostwriter's name stays hidden, and the tweet is published in the client's name. 

Twitter ghostwriters help busy individuals, entrepreneurs, and influencers maintain a consistent online presence, providing valuable content while saving time. By leveraging the power of ghostwriting, businesses and professionals can enhance their Twitter presence and engage their audience effectively.

Who is a twitter ghostwriter?

A Twitter ghostwriter is a professional writer who creates content under someone else's name. As a Twitter ghostwriter, you'll remain anonymous and only get compensation in cash or kind, depending on your remuneration arrangement with your client. The Twitter ghostwriting service can be highly rewarding compared to traditional writing services, especially when you get high-paying clients.

Why should you become a twitter ghostwriter? the benefits.

Although it may seem unappealing initially, several compelling reasons exist to consider becoming a Twitter ghostwriter and engaging in Twitter ghostwriter jobs. 

Below are the prime benefits of becoming a Twitter ghostwriter

1. Networking opportunities

You can connect and collaborate with high-net-worth individuals and businesses -  CEOs, artists, and creators, thereby gaining valuable insights, knowledge, exposure, and growth opportunities.

2. Attractive remuneration

Successful people with thriving businesses mostly hire ghostwriters and are often willing to pay well for the service. So, remuneration-wise, you can earn big bucks in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. In 2023, an average Twitter ghostwriter makes $1,000 - $10,000+ per month, and there's even the case of someone who makes $200,000 providing Twitter ghostwriting services for top VCs. So, this is a very lucrative hustle, and you can earn your livelihood from it if you take it seriously.

3. Long-term entrepreneurial or employability benefits.

Given its immense usefulness to business growth and productivity, you can apply your ghost writing skills to growing your business or getting a job faster.

How to become a twitter ghostwriter: the skills required.

Becoming a Twitter ghostwriter requires a combination of important skills and strategies, especially good writing skills, a vivid understanding of the intricacies of Twitter content, a willingness to sacrifice personal credit, and clients' attraction and retention skills.

Let’s explain this in detail:

(1) Writing skills

As a ghostwriter, you should (or must) be a proficient writer. While you don't need to specialize in long-form blog posts or short speeches, you should have a good grasp of concise and engaging writing styles that resonate with Twitter users.

Tip: if you aren't good at writing, take a writing course on Udemy, Coursera. Preferably, focus on studying social media writing techniques and strategies. This will help you improve your general writing and communication skills for excellence in Twitter ghostwriting service.

(2) Knowledge of the twitter ecosystem

Familiarize yourself with the nature of Twitter content, such as tweets, threads, use of hashtags, replies, tone, mentions, etc. Hence, you must have a Twitter account and use it consistently to understand how Twitter works, the trends, and changes on the platform. Understanding the Twitter platform will help you navigate, stay up to date, blend in, and become efficient in using it for your ghostwriting business. 

Tip: Study successful Twitter accounts, learn from their strategies, and apply them to improve your ghostwriting service. 

(3) discipline

Ghostwriting requires humility and the ability to work behind the scenes. If you seek recognition and validation for your work, this might not be your right role.

How to get twitter ghostwriting clients

Two sets of people (or markets) need your ghostwriting service:

  1. Busy Twitter users or creators that need more visibility and growth in their brands or businesses.

  2. Non-Twitter users who wish to leverage Twitter for personal or business brand promotion.

To get or convert these people to your Twitter ghostwriting clients, here's what to do:

Method #1: Offer a test run of your services for free or at a discounted rate

So, what better way to attract clients than by offering a test run of your services for free or at a discounted rate?

Everyone (or, at least, most people) loves free things and is willing to give a thing a shot IF IT'S FREE. You can leverage this idea to your advantage and use it as an arsenal to attract many prospects who may convert to customers soon or later. 

This strategy works like magic; it helps you build trust and showcase your skills to a mammoth crowd. You can use this to get your first 10 clients in a breeze if they love your work.

It's that EASY!

Method #2: Establish yourself as a reputable ghostwriter

Attention goes to where the activity is. 

By leveraging your Twitter profile as a portfolio, you can let the world know your competency by consistently producing high-quality content that attracts potential clients.

Just churn out quality content continuously and share it aggressively. In time, it will get to your prospective clients, and if they love what you do could contact you to offer them the service.

This method works but could take longer to yield results than the first.

Why will a hirer consider hiring your twitter ghostwriting service?

It's one thing to market yourself to get clients for your Twitter ghostwriting service and another thing to get clients, especially when you fail to determine why you should be considered for the job.

Why would a prospective client hire a ghostwriter and not another person? It's because of the person's value to the client's business. Hence, you have a role in securing a place in the prospective client's mind.

So, here's what to do to get hired fast:

1. Don't be a jack of all trades

That is niche down. 

Decide and focus on a specific industry or niche to become an expert. You can attract more clients seeking specialized content by tailoring your services to a particular audience, such as eCommerce owners or artists.

Experts would prefer hiring someone knowledgeable in the field to hiring someone who's a Jackie at everything. 

2. Honour deadlines

Meeting deadlines is crucial for maintaining client satisfaction and building a strong reputation as a reliable ghostwriter. Make it a priority to deliver content on time, and if you anticipate any challenges, communicate proactively with your clients and manage their expectations accordingly.

3. Maintain client confidentiality

Respecting client privacy is paramount in the world of ghostwriting. Never disclose your clients' names or the content you create for them unless you have explicit permission to do so. Upholding confidentiality builds trust and ensures your clients feel comfortable working with you.

Receiving your payment

Protect yourself financially by establishing clear payment terms with your clients. Request a deposit or upfront payment before commencing work, especially with new clients. This practice helps mitigate potential payment issues and ensures you are compensated for your services. 

To avoid payment issues, automate the entire payment process such that the client gets billed at a set time agreed upon automatically through a payment processor. The Workee software is an excellent tool to help you sort all your client payment issues to avoid delays and conflicts.


Becoming a Twitter ghostwriter can be rewarding and profitable for you as a practising or upcoming content writer. You can excel in this field by honing your writing skills, understanding the dynamics of Twitter, and strategically attracting clients. You can do this full-time or as a side hustle.

However, managing routine business operations like billing and payments, meeting deadlines, and client communication can be challenging if you go the traditional manual route. That's where our tool, Workee, comes in handy to help you with these daunting tasks. And now have Workee Pro to take it to a whole new level. Get your account here and see how it can simplify your marketing, client, and work management efforts. 

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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