Going on a break? Reasons you need a "gone on vacation" sign

Picture this: you're strolling down a vibrant street, eager to explore your favorite local shop or grab a bite to eat, only to find them shut on a normal business day and during business hours. You sure will feel disappointed. And if, on a second return, you experience the same thing, your first thought will be to find an alternative and probably switch your loyalty.

But again, 

If you get a prior email or you’re greeted by a simple yet impactful sign that reads, "Closed for Vacation." At first glance, this sign may evoke a sense of disappointment, but let's delve deeper into its significance. You wouldn’t contemplate finding a permanent alternative but await their return.

This is how most people react to you closing your business, whether for vacation or something else. It is important that you communicate and gives sufficient notice. 

In this article, Workee experts will be sharing the importance of putting up a “closed for vacation sign” and how to create one.

What exactly is a “closed for vacation sign.”

The closed for vacation sign is often deployed by businesses to display when they are closed for a period of time for a vacation or holiday. The sign typically indicates the date the business will be closed and when it will reopen.

Many businesses use closed for vacation signs during the summer months when employees take time off for summer vacation. This is especially common in countries with a strong vacation culture.

Importance of putting up a “closed for vacation sign.”

Using a "Closed for Vacation" sign for your business when you're away might seem like a simple thing. Still, it can have a significant impact on customer experience and overall business reputation. Let's dive in and explore why it's crucial to put up that vacation sign.

Providing Clear Communication

Communication and customer experience go hand in hand. Clients rightly relate good brand communication to great customer experience. Using a "Closed for Vacation" sign is all about communication. When you're away, your customers need to know you're unavailable, and a visible sign is a great way to convey that message. It allows clarity and sets realistic expectations, reducing the chances of disappointed customers showing up to find your business closed.

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Maintaining Professionalism

Having a "Closed for Vacation" sign demonstrates professionalism and organization. It shows that you take your business seriously and care about your customers' experience. By providing advance notice of your absence, you convey reliability and dedication to customer satisfaction. Additionally, it's better to have a sign-up than to have customers wondering if you're closed permanently or if there's an emergency.

Building trust and loyalty

Believe it or not, putting up a "closed for vacation" sign can actually increase customer loyalty. When you let your customers know you'll be unavailable for a certain period, they'll appreciate the transparency and honesty. This can help build trust and encourage repeat business in the future.

Interesting statistic: According to a survey, 90% of customers value honest and transparent communication from businesses, and 86% are more likely to remain loyal to companies that practice open communication.

Preventing frustration and negative reviews

Imagine a customer arriving at your business only to find it closed without prior notice. This can lead to frustration, negative experiences, and, potentially, negative reviews online. By using a "Closed for Vacation" sign, you avoid disappointing customers and protect your business's online reputation.

Online reviews are critical to your success because they help shape people’s perceptions. According to reports, 97% of people read reviews of local businesses, while 90% read online reviews to make purchase decisions.

Save time and money 

 A simple “closed for vacation” signage can save you more resources than you can imagine. Here’s how;

When you're on vacation, your business is the last thing you want to worry about. You probably want to spend time with family and friends. So imagine if there was no information about your whereabouts, you’ll get bombarded with calls and emails from customers who require your service. But with the right information, you can avoid having to answer phone calls, emails, or messages from customers.

Pro tip: Consider using a "Closed for Vacation" sign template to ensure a professional, eye-catching design that matches your brand.

Step 1: Design the sign

Start by designing the closed for vacation sign. You can use a computer program or simply draw it on paper. Ensure the sign is visible and clearly conveys that your business is closed for vacation.

Example Sign 1:


Closed for Vacation

[Main Text]

We're taking a break to recharge! We'll be closed for vacation from [Start Date] to [End Date]. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. See you when we're back!

Example Sign 2:


On Vacation!

[Main Text]

We're off on a sunny adventure! Our store will be closed for vacation from [Start Date] to [End Date]. Feel free to visit us when we return, refreshed and ready to serve you better!

Example Sign 3:


Taking a Break!

[Main Text]

Rest and relaxation await! We will be closed for vacation from [Start Date] to [End Date]. If you have any urgent inquiries, please reach out to us when we're back. Thank you for your understanding!

Step 2: Choose a noticeable location

Decide where you want to place the closed for vacation sign. It should be easily visible to anyone approaching your business premises. Common locations include entrance doors, windows, or notice boards.

Step 3: Print or create the sign

Now, it's time to bring your design to life. Print the sign if you designed it on a computer, or use a marker to transfer the design onto a larger paper if you drew it by hand. Ensure the text is legible and the colors, if any, are eye-catching.

Step 4: Display the sign

Finally, display the closed for vacation sign in the chosen location. Use tape, pins, or any other suitable method to secure it in place. Make sure it's positioned at eye level to grab people's attention easily.

Step 5: Inform customers in advance

If possible, consider informing your customers about the vacation closure in advance through email, social media, or your website. This can help manage expectations and avoid any inconvenience.


Using an "Out on vacation" sign might seem like a small detail, but it has significant benefits for your business. Remember, the key is to clearly communicate that your business is closed for vacation and when you'll be back. Have a great time off, and ensure your customers are well-informed about the temporary closure.

So, next time you're planning to go on vacation, don't forget to put up that sign and enjoy your time off with peace of mind!

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