Easy ways freelancers can get gigs on top sites like Upwork

Undoubtedly, Upwork is one the most popular marketplace for independent contractors, with over 30 million freelancers. As a freelancer, you have probably heard of or used Upwork in the past, and you may have been dissatisfied or uncomfortable with the services at the time. Perhaps you'd like to look into other freelance sites like Upwork. The good news is that you can sell your services through similar companies like Upwork.

Freelancing has grown exponentially over the last few years. Statistics from the United States alone show that 41% of the American workforce freelanced in 2020, a 13% increase from 2013. For younger workers between 18-22 years, freelancing is their preferred route to employment.

The desire to be an independent service provider has perhaps led to the growth of the freelancing sector. So it is perfectly normal to want to try out other Upwork-like websites.

Here is a few Upwork competition to look into.

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Some popular freelance sites

The growth of this sector has led to the introduction of some online marketplaces to help freelancers connect to employers who might need their services. You also have to consider the benefits and disadvantages of each of these websites to help you decide where to place your services.

Usually referred to as the best freelance platform, Upwork has about 31 million users on its site. It has a huge number of projects available to freelancers. At first, you will be charged 10% of whatever is earned, but the charges are reduced with time. With more clients and good ratings, you can earn more and not be charged much by Upwork.

Like other sites, you will need some experience in your chosen category to compete favorably with other professionals for jobs. To use Upwork, you must write winning proposals to convince clients. Writing a proposal can be a drag for freelancers because it is required for every job.


Fiverr is another popular marketplace website like Upwork, where freelancers can sell services known as "gigs" to take on jobs by clients (buyers). Unlike Upwork, freelancers can apply for jobs without paying. Before now, the base amount a freelancer could charge was $5. Hence the name Fiverr.

However, after outrage for the ridiculously low amount, especially for jobs requiring professional experiences like web design and graphic design, freelancers can now negotiate a higher amount for their services. Fiverr typically charges 20% of the total project earnings or every payment received


  • A huge variety of projects. More than 10,000 different projects in different projects in different categories. 

  • The buyer has many qualified freelancer options, ranging from beginners to experts. 

  • The Fiverr interface is very easy to use for both sellers and buyers.

  •  It is an avenue for a freelancer to make extra income.


  • Low amount of money to be earned due to the high competition.

  • 20% charged by Fiverr is quite high and means a freelancer earns a reduced amount from the little he receives 

  • long payment process can last for up to 2 weeks to access funds. 

  • Contacting clients outside the platform is strictly enforced and can lead to the deactivation of accounts if breached.

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It is currently the oldest freelancing site and has about 15 million users. Freelancer.com charges freelancers a 10% fee, and the site can take payments with Paypal and other payment platforms. It is a site similar to Upwork because of the many job openings.

Using the free membership option on freelancer.com allows you up to 10 bids per month. You would have to upgrade your membership and pay an extra fee to get more bids.


  • The staff of freelancer.com can invite you to bid for jobs as your reviews and experience grow. This saves you time and puts you in a position to hire quickly. 

  • A large variety of jobs can be gotten. 

  • Freelancer.com is trusted and reliable, having been around for a long time.  

  • Freelancers can choose to be paid hourly or per project.


  • Freelancer.com operates a subscription system which makes it unattractive to newbie freelancers, unlike Upwork and Fiverr, which are free. 

  • Low-paying projects, especially for newbies

  • Non-responsive support team

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Another popular site for freelancers is Guru. Categories for jobs on Guru include legal, designs, and marketing, among other categories. The charges on earnings are dependent on the status of the freelancer. For free members, it is 9%.

The benefits of a paid membership include having good ratings and a better appearance rate.


  • Guru allows freelancers to collaborate on projects.

  • Unlike other sites, the charges on earnings of professionals are slightly lower.

  • For paid members, they can chat with clients before working for them.


  • Free members and beginners have their work cut out due to the benefits paid members to enjoy. 

  • It is not free to use like Upwork.

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If your niche is designing logos, portraits, vests, and other such creative ventures, Designhill is the place for you to sell your services. It's a platform like Upwork and offers designers and clients a unique marketplace. Apart from linking designers with clients, Designhill has software to help freelancers design their products.

For clients, the site promises revisions of work done by designers at no extra charge, which unfortunately is detrimental to designers. To get more visibility on the site, you have to be active and boost your status to Pro Designer. You also get the chance to sell your creative products on its website.


  • A unique market for designers opportunity to sell both your service and products

  • Round-the-clock customer support


  • The offer of multiple revisions without charge is unfavorable to freelancers.


Storetasker's freelancing model is unique in connecting professionals with  Shopify developers. As a result of this pairing, there is virtually no competition, as seen on other sites like Upwork. Once paired, a freelancer can negotiate favorable terms with the client.

Unlike Upwork, which requires written proposals and glowing reviews to secure jobs, Storetasker functions more as a connecting service for freelancers and clients.


  • No profile or rating required 

  • No competition due to the pairing system 

  • More long-term jobs can be undertaken with the same client


  • The verification process is quite cumbersome. 

  • Limited to only Shopify developers

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On this freelance site, the categories of skills are noticeably smaller. Just four categories exist. Users can complete and enhance their profiles on ServiceScape to attract clients. Once your profile is up, clients can search through the ServiceScape directory to select the freelancer of their choice.

Like other websites like Upwork, consistently good performance and high ratings will boost your profile to get a quick freelance job. The downside to using ServiceScape is the unusually large commission, a whopping 50% of earnings.


  • Writers and graphic designers can find a niche market here.

  • Clients search for freelancers instead of the other way round


  • Usually, high commission fees.

  • No option to apply for jobs

  • Strict standards may be unfavorable for independent professionals. 

Considering the popular freelance websites and their pros and cons, you would probably be interested in exploring other websites similar to Upwork, which offers better terms to freelancers. You may also consider platforms that allow you to manage your freelance business wholly, from website design to scheduling and wages.

 An example of such a platform is Workee. Workee allows you all the independence you need to run your freelancing business, giving you a personal website with a unique URL.

Typical payment terms for consultants from Workee

Experts at Workee can help your website capture all the trappings of a modern website with a video link, a calendar to book sessions, online tax payment, and a payment gateway. You don't have to bother yourself with building a website; Workee can handle it for you for free.

Wrap up

Working as a freelancer on websites like Upwork can be extremely competitive. As a freelancer, you must always have an advantage over your competitors to reach more clients faster. You can accomplish this by researching apps for on-demand workers and freelancers like yourself. And, of course, Workee can help you get there faster. It relieves you of all stress and allows you to concentrate on what is most important: building your brand.

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