Coach Tiny’s story: A successful use case with Workee Ads

Client: Coach Tiny Mfihlo.

Profession: Career Transitions Coach.

Challenge: Coach Tiny was looking for new clients for her coaching business. Her goal was to expand her client base and boost her business.

Solution: Workee Ads Program.

Budget: $20.00.

Result: 17 new clients from Central Africa.

Client background

Coach Tiny Mfihlo is an experienced career transitions coach and the founder of YADAH Coaching. A coaching company that focuses on helping both fresh graduates and experienced professionals smoothly transition into new careers or advance in their current ones. Coach Tiny uses her deep knowledge of personal growth, leadership development, and how organizations work – including talent management, managing changes, and employee health – to guide people through important career changes.


Coach Tiny was searching for new avenues to attract clients and boost her business. Her goal was simple: find an effective, budget-friendly way to grow her client base.


Coach Tiny came up with the decision to engage with the Workee Ads Program. This program offers an easy-to-use platform for making and managing ads, especially for popular sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Coach Tiny's advertising strategy was carefully designed to target a specific demographic: Career/Professional women ranging from junior to senior levels (below Executive/VP level), aged 30-49, with a keen interest in self and career development. The primary focus was on Southern Africa and other English-speaking countries. Working with the Workee team, Coach Tiny fine-tuned her target audience, budget, and the areas she wanted to focus on. With an initial budget of $20, the Workee team initiated a campaign tailored to these specifications.


The Workee Ads campaign has successfully attracted over 17 new clients from Central Africa, all of whom booked sessions with Coach Tiny.

"I've already received a handful of bookings. I'm very happy with how things are going so far, especially considering I've had very little availability. Looking forward to seeing the progress- Coach Tiny"

Coach Tiny’s journey with the Workee Ads Program is a testament to the power of targeted, cost-effective advertising in transforming the scope and success of a business.

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Ihor, CEO at Workee

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