Best online business platform. Workee review and demo

Ashlie Tess, a digital marketing specialist and entrepreneur, is here to give you the tea on one of the best tools online content creators and entrepreneurs should use!

The best platform for simplifying your life and saving you time and money! And It’s none other than Workee!

What is Workee?

Workee is a business management software for tutors, freelancers, and digital entrepreneurs that includes everything you need to run your business in one place!

  • With Workee, you work smarter, not harder. Imagine saving 4 to 5 hours per week and $400 to $500 per month simply by having everything in one place!

  • With Workee, you can easily create a website without spending money on other website builders!

  • You don’t need tools like Venmo or any other payment request services when you have Workee! Your customers can pay you directly for your services!

  • With Workee’s scheduling system, all of your clients can easily view your calendar and book sessions/meetings with you.

  • Workee also has a video conferencing feature that lets you directly call clients or connect to your favorite conferencing services, such as Zoom.

  • You can send automatic email reminders to clients to ensure that you do not miss a meeting.

  • The best part is Workee does not charge any fees for your payment system, and it is completely free to sign up!

Watch the rest of Ashlie’s video here

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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