Best music for yoga to help you get the most of your practice

Whether you're a seasoned instructor or a dedicated student, we all know that the right tunes can take your yoga session to the next level. And who doesn't love a little extra zen in their life? But here's the thing, finding the perfect playlist can feel like a real headache, especially with all those pesky copyright laws to worry about.

Fear not, my flexible friends, the Workee experts, have tips on finding the best music for your practice without breaking the bank or the law. Let's get ready to flow!

Why is music important to yoga?

Sound has always been associated with yoga, dating back to the earliest times. Mantras, singing bowls, and deep breaths have been used up until now. Modern yogis use traditional music, singing bowls, and even digital records during classes. There's a catch here, however. Yoga instructors have to be sure that they are not infringing on copyright concerns while providing music for yoga sessions.

There is so much drama around using music during a live or recorded yoga class because it goes beyond personal or private use. It is deemed to be a performance, and therefore, a license must be properly obtained. Even people who use streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music cannot use them during an online class because their subscription is for personal, not commercial, use. Even if the class is free, it does not come under personal use and is therefore not covered by the subscription.

Copyright troubles are very expensive and can lead to the payment of large fines, which might severely affect the individual or business. On the other hand, obtaining license credits can be very costly too. What's more? These permissions are subject to several restrictive terms of use. All of these may make things very difficult for yoga teachers.

What then?

Thankfully, there is royalty-free music.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music is the name that you can use for performances and other public events without paying licensing fees or royalties. In some cases, you might need to pay a little money to the holder of the rights, but that's about it. It's nothing compared to the hefty fees or fines for using copyright-protected music.

Royalty-free music does not dispense with the need to get permission. However, the process of obtaining permission is relatively easy. It is also important to carefully go through the terms and conditions, to know whether the permission given is restrictive or absolute. 

Royalty-free music is not entirely free from copyright but works fine if you give due credit to the owners.

How to find music for Yoga class

Yoga trainers who organize live classes use streaming services, but royalty-free music is the better option for online teachers. As a yoga instructor, you do not have to worry about where to find royalty-free music for your next yoga class. Check out any of these great sites:

1. SoundCloud

Soundcloud has a variety of royalty-free stock music from which you can curate your yoga playlist. Find ambient music for your yoga classes, like singing bowls, gong sounds, and good spas that are easy to loop.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is popular for its stock images, but there is also great music on the site. There is even an already curated yoga playlist to relieve the stress of listening to and sorting the songs one after another. Just pick what works for you.

3. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube audio library provides a sea of great music accessible to everyone on YouTube. Filter your search according to name, mood, genre, and duration, and download them to use them in your videos. However, you must pay attention to the associated rights and restrictions of the song, which YouTube provides just beneath the song description.

4. Epidemic Sound

You can access Epidemic Sound's library of original music for a nominal subscription fee. This music repository has over 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects for nearly every purpose. Surely, there must be something there for your next yoga class.

5. Pond 5

 Pond 5 has arguably the world's largest selection of copyright-free music from which you can curate your yoga materials. It lets you filter your search to find just what you're looking for.

6. Free Music Archive

FMA is a site for royalty-free music from independent artists. It is absolutely free to play, download, and share safely across all spaces, including social media. It only requires that you acknowledge the artists. An affordable Pro subscription plan helps the site pay the artists who have their music on the platform.

7. Audio Micro

Audio Micro currently has 300,153 royalty-free stock music tracks from Grammy-winning artists. The music bank includes different genres, such as jazz, classical, and folk music. It is the perfect place to find music to engage your online class.

How to integrate music into online yoga classes 

Incorporating music into your online sessions can improve the experience for your students. However, it must be done delicately for the best results.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you:

  • Select and arrange the playlist ahead of the class. This way, you avoid scuffling between songs in the middle of a session.

  • Use a calm, serene environment with a good sound system to optimize the audio quality.

  • Let the music flow and match the atmosphere of your class. Pay attention and properly mix musical styles to avoid disruptions.

  • Do not let music or microphones be a distraction. Remember, they are teaching aids at best and should never replace your personal connection with the students.

If you use Workee, connecting with your clients is very easy. Workee is a great CRM, helping you to keep records of client information, meeting times, peculiar needs, etc.


Every yoga instructor probably knows the role of music in their sessions. However, using music mindlessly without obeying copyright requirements can cause serious problems. Thankfully, you can use royalty-free music and be covered. The sites listed above can provide as many tracks as you need to improve your clients' learning experience.

Yoga trainers understand how important it is to connect with their clients, and that's why many of them use Workee. Workee is an excellent solution for yoga teachers and other wellness coaches like mental health counselors, clinical social therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, dialectical behavior therapists, etc. With Workee, you can:

  • Get an instant no-code website with a free website builder, a perfect way to save time and money.

  • Book and schedule meetings with your clients.

  • Video calls and conferencing to meet with clients.

  • Send and receive payments, including automated invoices and receipts.

Workee is built for freelancers, consultants, tutors, and teachers—anyone who works by appointment. Use Workee to plan your day, schedule time slots, manage your clients, and automate your accounting needs. Sign up now for free and get started.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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