8 game-changing routines of successful people

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Famous author James Clear in one of his bestsellers quipped that success is often a product of daily habits and not a one-time transformation. This position has proven to be true over time, as a perusal of the lifestyle of some of the most successful people in the world will reveal a regimen of certain specific routines. 

These routines have influenced some of the great successes they have achieved.

However, the daily routine of successful people can vary quite a bit, depending on their individual goals, responsibilities, and personal preferences. But, there are some common habits and practices that many successful people share and can be termed “generalistic.”  These habits can be useful to anyone looking to improve their productivity, health, and overall well-being.

So after speaking with some highly productive and successful people, we curated some of their generally applicable routines. Here are some classified successful people's daily routines you should know.

Eight best daily routines of successful people

We have put together eight proven daily routines for success that you can implement today. By incorporating these routines into your daily life, you can set yourself up for success in most areas. Let’s get started already.

1. Rise before the rooster crows

It's no secret that many successful people wake up early. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up before 4:30 am daily, while Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wakes up at 4:00 am. This is because waking up early gives you more time to get things done before the rest of the world wakes up. It also helps you start your day with a sense of accomplishment, which can set the tone for the rest of the day.

These successful people are not alone in their early-morning routines. Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and athletes have adopted this habit to maximize their productivity and achieve their goals. But why is waking up early so important?

First, waking up early gives you more time to focus on your priorities. When you wake up late, you may feel rushed and overwhelmed, and you may not have enough time to do everything you need. By waking up early, you have extra time to work on your projects, exercise, or plan your day.

Secondly, waking up early can improve your mental and physical health. Studies have shown that people who wake up early are more proactive and achieve their goals faster. Here are some other benefits of waking up early;

  • Helps you focus

  • Helps you achieve your daily goals faster. In the bigger picture, it helps you achieve your long-term goals within a specified time frame.

  • Reported scientific studies have affirmed that you have sharper mental energy when you wake early.

  • You tend to eat healthier, positively affecting your mental and physical health.

2. Be serious with fitness

For starters, regular exercise is great for our physical health, helping to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve overall fitness. However, exercise has numerous mental health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood and cognitive function, and boosting creativity and productivity.

So, what do successful people's exercise routines look like? Again, this will vary depending on the person, but many successful individuals prioritize daily physical activity. Former President Barack Obama, for instance, is known for his commitment to exercise, which includes weightlifting, cardio, and basketball. Meanwhile, entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Daymond John start his day with a 45-minute workout, and immediately past Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg often fit in a run or yoga session before her workday begins.

Of course, it's worth noting that not every successful person is a fitness fanatic. However, incorporating physical activity into your daily routine can greatly impact your health and well-being. Whether it's a morning jog, lunchtime yoga class, or after-dinner walk, finding a way to move your body daily can be a game-changer. So if you’re seeking a daily routine to be successful, you could start from here.

3. Be intentional about health and well-being

Being a fitness fanatic is a small part of it. A bigger part of the picture is being intentional about our health and well-being. We tend to focus so much on our work and personal goals that we forget to care for ourselves. However, successful people understand the importance of being intentional about their health and well-being as part of their daily routine. For instance, what you eat directly impacts your energy levels, focus, and overall health, so you must prioritize healthy feeding according to nutrients and timing.

Also, prioritize getting enough sleep. Successful people recognize that rest is crucial for physical and mental well-being and get adequate rest each night. Aside from night rest, taking short breaks in the middle of work is critical to sustaining a good energy level and mental sharpness.

4. Find a rhythm and stick to it

Successful people have a structured day that allows them to be productive, focused, and efficient. They prioritize their time and energy on the most important tasks and activities that align with their goals and values.

A daily routine gives you a clear plan of action for your day. It eliminates the feeling of being overwhelmed and gives you control over your day. By prioritizing your tasks and activities, you can focus on the most important things and achieve more in less time. Additionally, having a daily routine creates a sense of consistency and discipline that can improve your overall productivity and well-being.

So if you want to incorporate planning into your daily routine for success, here are some tips to help you;

  • Have a to-do list or planner; it could be electronic or manual

  • Always plan the day before the day. This means that you should plan for tomorrow today.

  • Set goals and deadlines for every daily activity

  • Prioritize tasks according to difficulty and importance.

5. Never stop learning

When we think of successful people, we often picture them in action, hustling and grinding their way to the top. But what sets these individuals apart is their hard work, determination, and commitment to lifelong learning. Successful people understand that they must constantly improve their knowledge and skills to maintain their edge. This is why "learning every day" is a daily routine of successful people.

Successful people make a habit of reading every day. This can be anything from books and newspapers to industry blogs and social media posts. For example, Oprah Winfrey, one of history's most successful talk show hosts, has said that she reads at least three books a week. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has set himself the challenge of reading a book every two weeks.

The takeaway from here is learning is a key component of success, and no matter what level you have attained in life and knowledge, you don’t stop learning.

6. Network and build relationships

Networking and building relationships is a daily routines for successful people. It may seem daunting to constantly connect with people, but it's essential for success in any field. Most thriving individuals see networking as a crucial part of their day. Whether connecting with colleagues or attending industry events, they understand the value of making meaningful connections. For example, imagine you're a business owner, and you attend a networking event. While there, you meet a potential client who could help you take your business to the next level. This kind of connection could be the difference between success and failure.

Another way successful people build relationships is by staying in touch with their network. This means regularly contacting past clients, colleagues, and other industry leaders. By keeping these connections alive, you never know what opportunities could arise.

But beyond making connections for their benefit, they understand that networking is also about helping others. They take the time to listen to people's needs and offer support whenever they can. Being generous with their time and resources builds trust and respect with those in their network.

7. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful tool that can transform our lives. Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines is easy, but taking the time to practice gratitude can help us stay grounded and focused on the things that truly matter. Successful people understand the importance of gratitude and make it a daily part of their routine. 

Take a few minutes in the morning to reflect on what you are thankful for to set the tone for the day ahead. This can be as simple as listing three things you are grateful for or writing a more detailed journal entry. You may also express your appreciation to others. This can be as small as thanking a colleague for their help on a project or as big as writing a letter of gratitude to someone who has significantly impacted your life.

8 Embrace automation

You may often wonder how the very successful lads can achieve so much within 24 hours and still have time to network and have adequate rest. Well, the answer is simple, they employ smart tools to enable them to manage their daily activities, and these tools save time and human effort.

 For instance, you're a busy entrepreneur who needs to keep track of multiple projects, emails, and meetings. Instead of manually going through your emails and calendar each day, you could use an email management tool or a scheduling app to automate those tasks. This frees up more time to focus on high-level tasks that require your attention.

If you’re an independent professional who works by appointment, you can employ Workee software to ease your work management processes and focus on delivering value to the client. 

Here is what I mean; the Workee platform provides various tools like a CRM, booking, and scheduling feature, video conferencing capability, finance management system, personal website, etc.

Still confused? Let’s break it down even further so it makes sense.

With the CRM, you have all your client's contact information and history in one place. You can always review this information to enable you to contact them or treat them accordingly. The Workee CRM synchronizes with your Google contacts, so everything appears on your Workee dashboard.

  • The booking and scheduling function lets your client book sessions with you according to availability. You can also create various time slots; the system makes this available for clients. You get an automated email when you’re booked, and you and your clients also get automated email reminders.

  • With the Workee finance management system, you can generate automated invoices and issue the same to clients when due. It also enables you to calculate your taxes accurately so you don’t run into trouble.

  • And yea, Workee integrates PayPal and Stripe payment systems to enable your clients to pay you. You can manage your income, accept payments, and transfer funds in your local currency. 

  • Video calls? Yess. You don’t need to leave your Workee workspace to have sessions or conversations with your clients.

All these and more are embedded in the Workee ecosystem, making it your virtual business management space. Sign-up on Workee for free and start managing your business better.


 While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to success, we can learn a thing or two and get insights from the daily routines of successful people. Incorporating these daily routines into your life can help set you up for success in all areas. Start small and work on incorporating one or two habits at a time, and watch as your success grows.

Ihor, CEO at Workee

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