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We know how busy it can get for business owners, especially for a startup. Finding the time to take business courses, or study business books could be a real struggle, yet there is so much to learn. The good news is, there are other great ways you can learn valuable lessons to grow your business while you are on the go, and one of them is Podcasts. Over the years, several persons have shared their stories of how they transformed their lives, Businesses, etc., through lessons they picked from podcasts. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best business podcasts you should listen to.

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1. The Tim Ferris show.

It’s difficult to discuss the BEST BUSINESS PODCASTS without starting with the Tim Ferris show! It is a top-rated podcast hosted by Tim Ferriss and has enjoyed over 900 million downloads over the years. It features interviews by Tim Feris with successful individuals in different fields, to identify their secrets, routines, and habits that built them to be top performers in their industry. The show has hosted big names like Mark Zuckerberg, Maria Sharapova, Jamie Fox, Sarah Silverman, etc.

Why we recommend this Podcast.

  • It covers a wide range of topics cutting almost across all segments of business. So, there’s always something new, and helpful to learn. It is probably why it stands out as one of the best business podcast.

  • The practical lessons learnt from listening to the secrets of top performers in their field are invaluable. Several persons have testified about how their lives changed after listening to episodes from the podcast. 

Favourite episodes from the Tom Ferris show.

What better way to find out the best episodes than to ask the producers of the show, which one their audience loved the most? The following podcasts were chosen because they had the highest downloads in one week after publication:

2. How I built this.

Another great business podcast to listen to is "how I Built this", hosted by Guy Raz. The podcast focuses on the story, and journey of great entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders behind some of the top companies you love. In each episode, Guy Raz interviews successful entrepreneurs and business leaders and gets them to share their stories, most of which are not available on any media out there. For those who love to know the story behind the success, you would love this business podcast.

Why we recommend this:

  • The stories shared on this platform make it easier for listeners to connect with these successful business leaders, and see that they too can do amazing things.

  • The interview style of host Guy Raz makes it fun to listen to. He makes it easier for the audience to focus with rapt attention, as they identify the lessons to be picked from each episode.

  • The podcast covers almost every aspect of business interest you may have. So, there’s always something new to learn from each new episode.

Favourite episodes from How I Built This.

3. Startup Stories - Mixergy.

It is a top business podcast that delves into the world of entrepreneurship, sharing the stories and experiences of startup founders and business leaders. Featuring in-depth interviews that uncover the triumphs, challenges, and strategies behind building successful businesses. You can expect to gain valuable insights, lessons, and inspiration from real-world startup journeys, making it a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike. This podcast is hosted by Andrew Warner.

Why we recommend this:

  • They provide actionable lessons, with guests sharing specific strategies, and tips, that can be applied by listeners to overcome obstacles and achieve entrepreneurial success.

  • It focuses on authenticity and transparency by interviewing guests who openly share their successes and failures, thereby presenting a realistic and relatable picture of entrepreneurship that highlights the challenges and setbacks entrepreneurs face.

Favourite episodes from Mixergy.

4. Unthinkable.

If you like taking risks and doing the unconventional, Unthinkable is a podcast you want to listen to. After all, like minds should roll together. Unthinkable challenges conventional thinking and explores the stories of people who dared to pursue unconventional ideas. Hosted by Jay Acunzo, the podcast focuses on the world of creativity, innovation, and breaking the rules. It examines the mindset and decision-making processes of individuals who have taken extraordinary paths, offering valuable insights and inspiration for listeners to embrace their unique ideas and pursue them fearlessly.

Why we recommend this.

  • It shares stories of individuals who have taken unconventional paths, inspiring business people to think outside the box and consider alternative approaches.

  • The podcast provides practical advice and strategies that can be applied to real-world business situations, helping business people navigate challenges and seize opportunities

Favourite episodes from Unthinkable.

5. HBR IdeaCast.

The HBR podcast is a product of the Harvard Business Review, renowned internationally for the quality of articles, case studies, and research papers they produce on several topics around business. This podcast features interviews with top thinkers and experts in business and management. With a wide range of topics covered, including leadership, strategy, and innovation, each episode provides practical advice and insights for professional growth and success. It's a must-listen for those seeking valuable information and inspiration in the ever-changing business landscape.

Why we recommend this.

  • The podcast covers a wide range of business topics, including leadership, strategy, innovation, marketing, and more.

  • It features interviews with successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, etc. providing you the opportunity to learn from the thought leaders.

  • It is a podcast about business management.

Favourite episodes from HBR IdeaCast.

6. Entrepreneurs on fire.

It is an interview-based podcast hosted by John Dumas. The focus here is to interview successful entrepreneurs and help the audience identify principles that made these entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses and be inspired to do the same for themselves. 

Why we recommend this.

  • You would enjoy a daily dose of inspiring stories from entrepreneurs like you, that would fire you up for success.

  • You are sure to get practical advice for your business, that you can start implementing immediately for results.

Favourite Episodes from Entrepreneurs on Fire.

7. Start-up.

The StartUp podcast is arguably the best entrepreneur podcast out there. It is an interesting series that chronicles the authentic journey of launching a business from scratch! Start-Up gives you a glimpse of the challenges, victories, and emotional rollercoasters experienced by entrepreneurs as they navigate the unpredictable landscape of startups. Through its narrative storytelling approach, it explores the struggles of entrepreneurs with securing funding, managing team dynamics, and relentlessly pursuing the transformation of their ideas into successful ventures. If you are seeking to learn more about building a business from scratch, Start-Up is a great business podcast to listen to.

Why we recommend this.

  • You would hear the real-life stories of successful startups that would inspire you.

  • Successful entrepreneurs that have defied the odds to be successful, share valuable insights that will help you in your startup journey.

Favourite Episodes from Start-up.

8. The Unofficial Shopify podcast.

For eCommerce store owners seeking valuable insights, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by Kurt Elster, an esteemed figure in eCommerce and founder of Ethercycle, a Shopify agency, this podcast focuses on addressing specific challenges faced by Shopify store owners. With episodes covering topics like boosting sales through content, leveraging machine learning, rebranding, and increasing average order value, the podcast offers practical advice and strategies to transform your store into a revenue-generating machine.

Why we recommend this.

  • The host of the podcast is a key opinion leader in the eCommerce space and brings his wealth of knowledge to the show.

  • As a Shopify user, you would learn several practical things you can do to boost your business.

Favourite Episodes.

9. Master of scale.

If you are interested in big names, this podcast is most likely for you. It features top business leaders across various industries. A few names that have been featured there include Bill & Melinda Gates, Richard Branson, Phil Knight, etc. It is hosted by Reid Hoffman, a venture capitalist, and co-founder of LinkedIn. This podcast is a

Why we recommend this.

  • Inspirational stories from successful entrepreneurs that are sure to inspire you.

  • Timely and relevant content addressing current trends for you as an entrepreneur.

  • It offers practical lessons and actionable advice for business growth.

Favourite Episodes.

10. Smart passive income.

The Smart Passive Income podcast, hosted by Pat Flynn, is a trusted resource for learning about passive income and online business strategies. It offers practical insights, real-life examples, and actionable advice to help listeners build sustainable income streams and achieve financial independence. With its engaging content, the show empowers individuals to create a flexible and impactful life through online entrepreneurship.

Why we recommend this.

  • It utilizes real-life case studies of successful entrepreneurs to inspire you to learn and act.

  • The show is hosted by a successful entrepreneur, so you can rest assured that the strategies you would learn are tested and proven.

Favourite episodes.

11. This week in startups.

Hosted by Jason Calacanis, it focuses on startups in the tech industry. It is an interesting way to stay updated in the world of startups while picking lessons that could be useful in your business. It is a small business podcast you would love.

Why we recommend this.

  • Keeps you updated in the world of startups, and trends you could quickly exploit.

  • The podcast covers a wide range of topics that are useful to startups.

  • It is one of the best small business podcast

Favourite episodes.

12. The retail exchange.

It is great for retailers and eCommerce business owners who want to learn from leaders in the industry. It is broken into 3 categories, namely the interviews, the event, and the special.

Why we recommend this.

  • Providers listeners with valuable insights about the retail industry.

  • They discuss real-life case studies of successful retail campaigns, and initiatives, for you to learn from.

Favourite episodes.

13. Mistakes that made me.

Everyone has made a mistake at some point. What matters most is what we do after making mistakes. This podcast focuses on teaching valuable lessons from mistakes other business people have made, to help you avoid falling into the same traps. You would also learn valuable steps to take after experiencing setbacks in your business. Yes, this is one of the best podcasts for business people.

Why we recommend this.

  • It helps you to avoid falling into the traps other entrepreneurs have fallen into.

  • It shows you practical steps to bounce back from setbacks since failure is sometimes part of the process.

Favourite Episodes.

14. Growing ecommerce.

This is another great eCommerce business podcast you should listen to. It is especially useful for entrepreneurs who want to understand the challenges facing their businesses and get practical solutions for solving them.

Why we recommend this.

  • Features thought leaders in the retail industry that discuss practical solutions for your current business challenges.

  • It cuts across all areas of interest in the Ecommerce space, giving listeners a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Favourite Episodes.

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