How to land your first Fiverr job as a freelancer

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There are over 1.1 billion freelancers worldwide. That's 31,4% of the global workforce! According to Statista, the United States alone had over 59 million freelancers in 2020, and this figure is expected to rise significantly by 2022. The advancement of technology and the digitization of the workplace are pushing many employees into full-time freelancing. After all, there are numerous benefits to enjoy, including flexible work schedules.

Employers who hire freelancers also enjoy certain benefits, such as completing certain tasks without hiring full-time employees. Other advantages include lower capital expenses for staff salaries, staff training expenses, etc.

The freelancing market is advantageous for clients who need services and the service provider. The service provider(freelancer) will be the focus of this Workee article. We have talked about several freelance platforms for beginners, but this article will discuss maximizing your skills as a freelancer on Fiverr, one of the most competitive freelance marketplaces.

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of digital services, eliminating the need for a middleman. Fiverr allows you to list and apply for one-time remote gigs. Since its inception, the platform has grown from eight service categories to over 500. Fiverr currently has over 5.5 million buyers, 830,000 sellers, and 50 million transactions. Furthermore, Fiverr generates $189.51 million in annual revenue, and some Fiverr jobs to start with are:

  • Web development

  • Mobile app development

  • Graphic designing

  • Content writing

  • Translation

  • HR consulting

  • Digital marketing

  • Influencer marketing

  • Virtual assistant

  • Social media manager

  • Data entry

Despite the impressive number of Fiverr jobs available, competition is fierce! To be successful on this platform, you must first understand how Fiverr works.

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr, a digital marketplace for freelancers provides an avenue for businesses needing skilled persons to connect and transact with them directly, without an intermediary. It is important to know the parties involved and where you fit in to understand how Fiverr works. There are two involved parties:

  1. Seller: A seller is a freelancer with a digital skill to offer in exchange for a fee. The service offered by a seller is known as a "gig." As a seller, when creating your gig, you can dictate your prices in the form of a package offer by using Gig Packages. This means that you can offer a wide range of prices for different levels of the services you offer to buyers.

  2. Buyer: Buyers are usually business owners and individuals seeking to buy or contract the services of a seller on the platform. The platform's search tool helps buyers search for sellers that meet their specific business needs before placing an order. A contract is created when an order is placed by the buyer and accepted by the seller. At the end of the tasks, the seller receives payment for the gig, usually 80% of the payment, while the Fiver platform keeps the remaining 20% as fees.

Focus on freelancing and leave the rest to Workee

Pros of Fiverr freelance platform

  • Fiverr allows you to make extra money as a freelancer without resigning from your job.

  • Fiverr gives you exposure to a wide variety of projects to work on.

  • Fiverr offers all freelancers a level playing field to grow and earn money.

  • The Fiverr website is easy to navigate and has an active forum to help you get started and grow.

Cons of Fiverr freelance platform

  • It may not be easy to land a gig if you are a newbie because of how competitive the platform is.

  • The commission Fiverr takes from each gig is quite high. For every completed gig, Fiverr takes 20% of the total pay.

  • The pricing on Fiverr is quite competitive, and you may have to slash your gig fees to have a chance among the pool of experienced freelancers.

  • On Fiverr, you can not keep your clients' list as Fiverr does the keeping.

  • Payments on Fiverr are quite slow and may be delayed for up to 14 days. You may get cash trapped if you immediately need the payment for a completed task.

How to get your first Fiverr online job

Provide unique service

There will be competition regardless of the category you choose as your preferred niche. Competition is good; it fuels innovation. However, to stay ahead of the competition, you need to ensure you are offering a unique service. For instance, if you are a content writer, you may find it hard to get an order if you create a gig for just content writing. However, creating a gig for a unique service like B2B Writer may improve your chances of landing an order.

Focus on freelancing and leave the rest to Workee

Use social media to promote your gig

Social media has made it easy to advertise yourself as a freelancer. Also, Fiverr allows you to share your gig's link on any social media platform. However, this may not be enough to land orders because many buyers on social media may not be comfortable giving you an order based on your social media post. To maximize your social media presence, you need to build brand awareness around your freelancing hustle. Below are some tips to help you get started:

  • Open business pages on social media.

  • Post all your projects on every page.

  • Create a portfolio

  • Involve yourself with groups that are related to your niche.

  • Initiate collaborations with your competitors.

  • Share your success stories with your audience. 

  • Build an audience and convert them to buyers.

Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora are good places to share your gig's link to get maximum engagement.

Start at a low price

Getting jobs on Fiver can be quite a hassle, especially if you are a newbie still trying to learn the ropes. However, there are ways to get around it, and lowering your gig's cost is one sure way to go. As a newbie, your major focus should not be setting a price for your gig but on getting positive reviews from buyers. Lowering your price will help you secure your first order. And when you get that order, put your weight behind it to deliver a good job that will help you get a positive review. This tip works all the time!

Utilize great gig images and videos

Posting a professional gig image or video demonstrates your expertise as a Fiverr freelancer. An image or video of your gig leaves the buyer an initial impression of your personality and skills. You want to make it more appealing and convincing. An appealing gig image or video can help you land orders in minutes. The more attractive the gig images and videos, the greater your chances of getting orders quickly.

However, your account may be suspended if you use a fake image or video for your gig.

Focus on freelancing and leave the rest to Workee

Use great gig description

When creating your gig, ensure you approach your description from an apt but persuasive perspective. The gig description is the second impression of the buyer. You do not want to mess up by adding unnecessary information to your description or spelling errors. You could check out how your competitors approach the gig description to get inspiration on how to create yours.

Understand how to send buyer request

The most important tip in landing your first order is learning how to send buyer requests. Everyday Fiverr platform gives you ten chances to send buyers requests, and if you know your way around, that is enough to hit your mark. Newbies often miss out on this secret because they fail to address buyers' pain points in their requests.

To get started on your offer, carefully study the buyer's request, then customize an offer that addresses the needs of the buyer's request. 

When drafting an offer, use the following tips to make it more compelling and relative.

  • Address the seller by his name as you would a friend.

  • Specify your past experiences with similar projects.

  • Include additional requirements you will need to best satisfy the buyer's needs.

  • If you have a link to your portfolio, add it to the offer. 

  • Don't forget to make your price low and enticing.

Workee can help simplify your work as a Fiverr freelancer

Professionalism and attention to detail are crucial if you want to make a living as a Fiverr freelancer. You don't want to lose track of the projects or miss deadlines while doing this. You need solutions like Workee to manage and organize your work if you want to stay on top of your game. Using Workee, you'll be able to expand your freelancing business and get more done in less time. Workee enables you to concentrate on the most important aspects of your business by providing all of the tools you need in one place. Workee can help you manage more clients and orders in the following ways:

  • As a Fiverr freelancer, you can use Workee to build a customized website to help develop and grow your brand. You can use the website to post your Gigs link and projects you have worked on and share your success stories with your audience.

  • Workee helps you manage and schedule meetings with your clients, allowing you to grow your client base while efficiently managing present clients. 

  • With Workee, you can manage your tax payment routine without any hassle.

  • Workee makes it easy for your clients to make purchases directly from you. Also, your clients get issued simple invoices when they pay for services.

  • As a Fiverr freelancer, you can use Workee to build a customized website to help build and grow your brand. You can use the website to post your Gigs link and projects you have worked on and share your success stories with your audience.

  • Also, with Workee CRM, you can achieve a better relationship with your clients.

Focus on freelancing and leave the rest to Workee


Is Fiverr worth it? Good question; Fiverr is worth it. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to get a Fiverr job. But you can't just jump on board and become a superstar overnight. It takes some patience and commitment to break even. We've shared some time-proven tips and a solution that experienced freelancers use. Put these tips into action, learn how Fiverr works, and you will be able to make money every day on this platform.

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