Tutoring platforms comparison: Workee vs. Wyzant

Thanks to digitalization, tutors are now spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a platform on which to offer their services. Due to the proliferation of online tutoring platforms, online learning has become more accessible to a larger pool of students. However, the real question is whether these online tutoring solutions deliver as promised. What do they bring to the table for online tutors?

With so many options for online tutoring services, we felt it necessary to conduct extensive research to answer these questions.

This guide will compare two tutoring platforms: Workee and Wyzant. Workee is an all-in-one business management platform for tutors and teachers, stylists, freelancers, coaches, consultants, nutritionists, psychologists, therapists, health experts, yoga experts, lawyers, and other online professionals. Wyzant, on the other hand, is purely a marketplace for tutors.

So let's jump straight in, Workee vs. Wyzant; what are their features, and which is best for you?

What is Workee

Workee is a business management solution that enables independent professionals to streamline their operations to focus more on providing value to their customers. Workee isn't limited to serving as a marketplace for tutors, as has already been mentioned. However, the tool's versatility and functionalities place it among the top contenders among the many options available to tutors looking to do more work with fewer tools.

The Workee software automates various business management functions like booking, scheduling, client management, finance management, etc. these are important functions that online tutors need to manage their business effectively.

Workee also integrates various communications and collaboration tools that enable seamless chat and video messaging.

Unlike many tutor marketplaces that are niche specific and have various restrictions, the Workee software does not cater to any particular niche yet offers numerous advantages like a fully-branded personal website.

We will further highlight other important benefits and features of Workee, but first, what is Wyzant?

What is Wyzant

Wyzant is an online tutor marketplace that allows tutors to create a profile and list their services on the platform. The platform is a general tutor marketplace and not restricted to a particular subject area. But admission into the platform as a tutor is restricted to only US residents who have obtained their Social Security Number.

Listing your services as a tutor on Wyzant means that you'll have to wait for students to come on the platform and connect with you as the platform operates a student's-choice preference model. What this means is that students decide which tutors they wish to engage.

Although the platform boasts a high student visit rate, recording about 1,000,000 lessons in 2021, reviews have shown that getting jobs can be extremely difficult for new tutors. A recent publication suggests that over 85,000 tutors on the platform are currently jostling for limited on-platform opportunities.

Features of Workee

Here are some of the important features available on Workee. Please note that Workee is not limited to only tutors. It caters to every online professional as well.

  • Free, no-code website

Personal, branded websites are very important tools if you offer any service on the internet, whether it's tutoring or other types of business. According to a report, over 80% of customers believe that having a personal website makes you look more professional and offers more credibility.

While having a website is very important, the reality is that not every tutor has the time or resources to own their personal website. But Workee has filled in the gap of time and resources. All you need to do is sign-up on Workee, and you'll have all the available functionality to create a website that benefits your brand.

The good part is that It's a no-code website, so you'll never need to hire a developer. The process is easy, quick, and self-explanatory.

  • Flexible scheduling

With Workee, you have control over your time and activities. You set your schedules based on your availability, and your students can view your availability and book their classes. You can also create multiple time slots for various engagements, so you never miss a thing.

  • Video communication

The Workee software works efficiently with Zoom and Google Meet to enable live video classes and collaborations. So whichever is your preferred communication channel, all you need to do is connect it to your Workee dashboard, and you're all set.

  • Client management

Workee helps you to stay in touch with your clients and students by synchronizing all your contacts and allowing you to manage communications from one place. You also have your workspace where you can document important information for reference purposes.

  • Booking

On Workee, customers can easily book your services with a single click, and you are immediately notified. The program is designed so that you can seize every opportunity and avoid missing out.

  • Accounting

Workee is a complete business management suite with a finance hub that allows you to issue invoices, track and receive payments and manage taxes.

Features of Wyzant

here are some features that are available for tutors on the Wyzant platform

  • Scheduling

Wyzant offers a scheduling feature that facilitates collaboration between tutors and their students. Tutors can schedule classes for various students within the day.

  • Ratings and Reviews

Wyzant allows students to write reviews and rate the service delivery and efficiency of any individual tutor on the platform.

  • Video communication

Like most other tutoring platforms, Wyzant also incorporates a live video chat function that permits one-on-one or group interactions between students and instructors.

How much does Workee cost?

Workee offers two flexible payment plans. Workee starter is a completely-free option for online professionals who are just starting. It includes basic features such as website creation, booking, and scheduling, payments, video calls, etc.

Workee pro is a paid upgrade for professionals who want more advanced features like professional website templates, custom domain names, advanced SEO options, tax calculations, etc.

Workee does not charge you for any payments or income you earn from your clients. Sounds unbelievable, .heck out these pricing plans and find out for yourself.

How much does Wyzant cost?

Wyzant fees are a fixed 25% on every income you make through the platform. Right from your first job, the tutoring platform deducts the 25% charge before remitting the balance to you. However, signing up on the Wyzant website is free.


Finding the right platform to launch your tutoring business can be confusing. Many have spent time and resources trying out different alternatives. This doesn't have to be you. Before deciding on a tutoring platform, you should consider the following factors;

  • Independence and control: A platform that allows you to manage your business and income how you deem fit.

  • Affordability: it is important that your business remains profitable; hence it isn't advisable to collaborate with platforms that charge high rates

  • Resourcefulness: You need other tools and functions to make your business efficient and successful. So ensure that your tutoring platform integrates important tools like communication systems, reminders, calendars, etc. this would save you from extra expenses and stress. You should be able to manage your business from one place completely.

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