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Comparing tutoring platforms: Workee vs. Cambly

Launching a tutoring business often requires signing up on a learning platform to connect with students and give them access to vital working tools. However, in recent times, too many platforms exist, and while a few of them offer value to tutors, most only aim to make money off tutors with little to no value offered.

The question is, how do you identify the appropriate platform that is suitable for your tutoring business plan and help you achieve your objectives?

This guide will review two popular platforms, Workee vs. Cambly, highlighting their differences and benefits.

What is Workee

Workee is a portmanteau of business management tools that gives tutors and other independent professionals all the digital resources and the virtual workspace they need to thrive in their service delivery. It is the perfect digital tool for tutors and teachers of all levels, including tutors for special classes, pre-kindergarten, elementary school, and general education.

Beyond the requirements for online classes, the Workee program provides great versatility. The program can be used by tutors to schedule classes, plan and prepare their lessons, establish different time slots according to their preferred working hours, and build timetables. Additionally, it can be used to send out invoices, receive payments, and track tax payments.

So much in one! Tutors on Workee never have to engage other tools to manage their business.

Although Workee doesn’t have restrictions on what tutoring niche you choose to operate in, it allows you to identify and specify your expertise and niche. This enables you

What is Cambly

Cambly is a virtual learning platform that is exclusive to teaching and learning the English language. On Cambly, only tutors who are native English speakers are accepted to teach students. This implies that proficiency and certification are insufficient to be a platform tutor. There are no specific requirements for a Bachelor’s degree or any teaching certificate. However, you must be a citizen of one of the following countries.

  • United States

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Ireland

  • South Africa

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

Cambly subjects tutor applicants through an assessment to ascertain their proficiency In the English language.

The platform allows students to choose their preferred tutors based on their goals. It can be for a particular English-based professional exam, like the IELTS, or for a particular area of English, they wish to study. In addition, instructors' personalities and English accents can influence a student's choice of tutor.

Tutors on Cambly can set their work schedules and choose to work when they wish as long as students have booked them.

Features of Workee

Here are important features of Workee that would help you excel in your tutoring business.

Live video collaboration tool

One essential tool for tutoring is video communication. A live video tool encourages collaboration and engagement because digital tutoring takes place virtually. So if you’re going to tutor online, it is important that you have access to video conferencing tools; it helps to improve the learning process and enhance outcomes.

The Workee video tool allows three-way video conferencing and also enables you to take notes on a virtual whiteboard while collaborating.

You may also choose to integrate other collaboration tools like Zoom or Google meet.

Booking and Scheduling

Workee makes it easy for you to manage your work hours and appointments by integrating a smart booking and scheduling system. Students and clients can book you according to your pre-set availability status. That is, if you set your availability to just 4 hours from Mondays – Thursdays, you cannot be booked outside those periods.

With Workee, you have complete control over your schedule and can sync appointments and schedules from other calendars to create a unified, well-organized system. You also get notified via email whenever you’re booked.

Free professional website

One of the perks of signing up on Workee is that you get a professional website to promote your brand at no extra cost. This is a major stand-out feature on Workee.  The website is an easy no-code setup website, so you don’t need to employ a developer to get it running.

You just fill In your personal details as you would love them to appear on the website, and in five minutes or less, you have a website with a branded URL.

All important functions, such as booking and scheduling, a payment channel, automated invoicing, etc., are available on your Workee personal website.


Tutors on the Workee platform choose their rates and decide how they wish to get paid. You are not required to pay any commissions from your earnings and Workee doesn’t determine what you should charge.  The tool supports payment channels like stripe to enable you to collect your payments easily.

Workee also allows you to track all of your payments and generate invoices and receipts for transactions.


With Workee, you can establish and nurture successful working relationships with your clients and students. Your Google contacts are synchronized with your contact portfolio, which enables you to provide better and more efficient services and reach your clients as often as needed.

Features of Cambly

Here are features of Cambly you should be aware of.

Flexible scheduling

Cambly allows tutors to choose their working hours within the day. The platforms operate a 24/7 system enabling tutors to choose their most convenient periods in accordance with their time zones.

Video communication feature

Cambly includes a live video feature that enables visual classes and collaborations between tutors and their students.


On Cambly, tutors do not have the liberty to set their rates. The platform, however, pays $10.20/hour for regular classes and  $12/hour for Cambly kids.

How much does Workee cost?

Workee offers two different plans for tutors, they include;

  • Workee starter, and

  • Workee pro

The Workee starter is completely free, with just enough features to launch and begin your tutoring business. The Workee starter includes a free no-code website, booking function, video calls, and payment systems.

The Workee Pro includes more advanced features, including a complete finance management suite that allows you to oversee and manage your cash inflow and outflow.

Workee doesn't charge you any commissions or fees from what you earn. Your earnings are completely yours forever. Get started on Workee already for free.


While there are many tutoring platforms out there, it is important to collaborate with platforms that allow flexibility, promote independence, and provide tools that enable the smooth running of your business.

Workee is a versatile tool that helps you scale your tutoring business and offers independence to run your business as you fit.

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